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Artist: Marvin Sapp

Album: You Shall Live

Label: RCA Inspiration

Reviewer: Torin Derek


Marvin Sapp is one of the most consistent artist of our time. His range of music and stylings surpasses your typical contemporary gospel album.  Sapp’s 11th CD, “You Shall Live,” is by far one of his best albums reigning in the top 4 along with “Thirsty,”  “Nothing Else Matter,” and “Here I Am.” Knowing and remembering the impact of Marvin Sapp’s previous albums, I was in great anticipation when listening to his latest project. The entire project is amazing and takes you on a ride filled with excitement, emotion and creates an appreciation for feel good music.

Grabbing my attention was the head banging, fist pumping soul track “Beloved”. The intro has the undertones of a Sunday Morning church service, then it ventures off into an explosion that reminds me of an old school Friday Night revival. With the music and background vocals mixed with Marvin Sapp’s lead, I was ready for a church service filled with the jumping of pews and running down isles of my youth.

The follow up track, “Greater” took me back to an era when music was music and not filled with superficial lyrics and derogatory nuances. As the song opens, my musical ear began to perk up. This song has major R&B and Funk tones reminiscent of the Gap Band combined with the creativity of the Zapp Band. I was expecting Shirley Murdock to come through my speaker with a rousing ad-lib or Uncle Charlie Wilson with his signature vocal acrobatics. “Count On You” is one of those songs I would expect to hear at any given moment on a R&B radio station and it would fit right in the regular rotation.

Marvin Sapp continues to grow and evolve as an artist that has the ability to reach a plethora of audiences. If he continues on this path of evolution, Marvin Sapp will be remembered for decades.

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