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A Night of Prayer & Hope for Haiti

February 3, 2010

New York,  New York

by Robert Hasan James

Bishop Hezekiah Walker is indeed a visionary. Over 25 years ago he had a vision to start one of the greatest choirs in the world and he did that. Over 15 years ago he had a vision to start one of the greatest churches in the country and he started not one, but two in the Northeast area alone. Grammys, Stellars and numerous other awards followed so it is safe to say that his vision definitely became a reality. In 1999 after the shooting death of African immigrant, Amadou Diallo, Walker and his church, The Love Fellowship Tabernacle, marched across the Brooklyn Bridge in a friendly protest and prayer vigil for the slain, unarmed Bronx man.  This time Walker will be praying for a different cause which is the Haitian relief effort and he is bringing Joel and Victoria Osteen along for the ride! Thursday, February 4, 2010 at 5PM will be a Night of Prayer & Hope for Haiti and it will be a night of prayer, praise, singing and dancing in the streets of New York! The prayer will extend from 46th to 48th streets in Times Square. I’ll see you there!

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