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By Hasan James

Last week one of the big stories on the blogs was that of “Mr. Delivert,” Andrew Caldwell, making allegations that he had an intimate relationship with former NFL star Kordell Stewart.  Since then Caldwell has quickly backpedaled his story and according to www.wetpaint.com it was all a lie. “I want to personally apologize to Kordell Stewart for mentioning his name and making false accusations,” says Andrew. “I don’t know [Kordell]. From the bottom of my heart, I do apologize and I’m sincerely sorry and will not be going on any interviews and will not be mentioning your name at all,” said Caldwell.

The person in the middle of all of this is industry veteran, Keyun Moon, whom Caldwell claims was the person (along with Stewart’s ex-wife Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams) who coerced him to lie on Kordell. Strange, right?

Anyway, Moon wanted to set the record straight and Root Magazine is the only outlet he trusted to do so. Needless to say, we got to the ROOT of it.

Root: So…there’s so much stuff on the blogs about this Andrew Caldwell/Kordell Stewart affair, which I found to be far-fetched and hilarious. What can you tell us about this story? 

Keyun Moon: I want people to know that this is not the story line of my show. It had nothing to do with the content that had already been captured. I want people to know spoke to Porsha “600,000” to pay Andrew for lying on Kordell. None of that is true. The pictures that are floating around of Porsha and myself that they had posted on my personal page had been taken over a year ago from my Instagram page. I just want people to know the truth. My show is real. “The Gospel Truth” is going to premier November 21st. I want them to know that what they put out there is fabrication; it’s just a total lie.

Root: What is your involvement with Andrew Caldwell?

Keyun Moon: I created and produced a reality show called “The Gospel Truth.” When you’re doing a reality show, you want to make sure you have people that are relevant, funny and can draw a crowd to watch week after week. I reached out to Andrew and spoke with his attorney. We talked about the show, its content and I sent over the treatment. That was basically the extent of our relationship. All of our conversations were strictly business. Andrew left St. Louis to come to Atlanta on the week of September 27th and proceeded to come do the shooting, where we shot for three days. Before he arrived, we produced a contract and I made it very clear that we did not have a budget to fly him in or put him in a hotel. The opportunity was on the table and if he wanted to accept the opportunity, he would be responsible for his travel and his hotel while in Atlanta and he agreed.

We never discussed anything remotely close to his sexuality; outside of him talking about how he grew up, what he thought was ok and his deliverance. I was not aware of anything until Thursday of the week of shooting.  Andrew was late getting to the set and I was not aware of him doing interviews until that day while we were micing him up. I guess someone from the radio station called him to tell him they wanted to interview him. I told him that he had to get off of the phone immediately because we had to get started with filming. He got off the phone and told me they wanted to do an interview with him. I said, “Ok, make sure you plug the show.” The crazy thing is up until that point, none of the cast or the crew had been released to do  interviews about the show at all but the reason I let him go through with the interview is because he I knew he wasn’t going to be in Atlanta for very long and I didn’t want to deprive him of doing interviews if the opportunity presented itself. I had no idea what he was going to say in that interview. Looking back at the interview, I saw one of the things they brought up that they heard that he slept with or dated an NFL player. He proceed on from there to say whatever wanted to say.

The Cast of the new reality show "The Gospel Truth," B. Chase Williams, Reuben Chandler, Marica Chisolm, Andrew Caldwell and Damita.

The Cast of the new reality show “The Gospel Truth,” B. Chase Williams, Reuben Chandler, Marica Chisolm, Andrew Caldwell and Damita.

Root: What is the basis of the show “The Gospel Truth”?

Keyun Moon: The show is about three Gospel recording artist and two public Gospel figures. They basically chronical their lives behind the music. The reason I created the show is because people have a pre-conceived notion that when you preach or sing Gospel music, you’re not supposed to have anything or you’re this perfect object. I wanted to show that these people go through every day real life situations. Like Damita Chandler (formerly Damita Haddon), is on the show and she’s gone through a public divorce and lost her zeal and drive for Gospel Music. The other people on the show have been through divorce as well and are currently going through in their marriages. They are trying to gain momentum and become the artist they really want to be. I wanted them to show people that just because you’re in the “Gospel world” or the “Gospel Entertainment world” it doesn’t mean you’re perfect; you go through like everybody else and you just have a gift or a calling on your life. That’s the basis of the show and what it is all about.

Root: What is Andrew Caldwell involvement of the show, considering he is not a Gospel Artist or figure?

Keyun Moon: He fits as one of the “Public Figures” in Gospel. I always felt that Andrew had a story tell. It’s one thing for the world to know that you’re delivered or you were once gay, but how did you get there? I felt Andrew has a compelling truth about how he grew up in a household with nothing but women, never having any male role models that he can really look up to and growing up thinking it was ok to be with other men. That’s what he saw growing up. He saw that you’re supposed to love and respect a woman, but not love them intimately or have the desire to be with them.  I thought that was very interesting. I thought that with all of the drama, the hate mail and the nasty comments he receives, that this would be a platform that people can look at and grasp a better understanding of who he really is. Andrew doesn’t have a lot of education and has been very vocal on the show about quitting school or not wanting to learn because of the harassment and violence he encountered in school. I thought that would be very interesting part of the show. Everybody knows who he is. I think it’s so crazy that he can’t go anywhere and people not know who he is or want to take a picture with him. I thought the show would be a great platform because he became famous through a video that went viral at a church organization’s convocation.

Root: So what happens now that Andrew allegedly lied on you and about his involvement with Kordell Stewart? Is he off the show? 

Keyun Moon: As a Producer and an Executive, we are contractually bound to complete our show. We have to deliver a certain amount of shows to AIB TV. I’ve made the decision not to cut him from the show because I am contractually bound to him and he is contractually bound to me. Sure, he said some things that he should not have regarding my character; but I still have a show to produce. Andrew and I had a private conversation since this blog came out and he said that he didn’t say it and didn’t know where they got the information from. Whether he did or not, I still have a show to produce. We still have about 2 ½ weeks before we complete filming and I don’t have any plans on changing my storyline because of this.

At the end of the day, when Andrew is on camera he is very skilled. I don’t know where his skill came from or how he got it. When those cameras come on, he does what he has to do. But when the cameras are off, he is who he is. He gives us great TV, a storyline and makes it believable. At that point that is all I am looking for. I am looking for you to come and do your job. Whatever you say about me to whomever, I am not really concerned about and I cannot weigh that in my decision to continue to work. I have to make sure that my show is done properly.

Root: What do you say to those people who believe that all of information on the blog was just publicity to watch the show?

Keyun Moon:  I never intended to create any type of controversy to get people to watch the show. I will continue to move forward with PR and marketing to make sure that people know when the show coming. I don’t need to concoct any story or pull any publicity stunts to make my show bigger than what it is. I don’t feel the need to do that and I have never done that. I have been doing PR in the Gospel music industry for more than six years. Whatever people think or say, that’s what they say or think. If it gets you to watch the show, then that is great. However, this is not something that we orchestrated in order to get viewers or ratings.

Root: When and where can people watch “The Gospel Truth?”

Keyun Moon: The show will air on November 21st and it’s going to be on AIB TV, Comcast Channel 295. For those who don’t get those stations or have Comcast access, they can log onto www.aibtv.com every week on Saturday 11pm Eastern Standard Time. “The Gospel Truth” stars Damita, B Chase Williams, Ruben Chandler and Marica Chisolm.

Root: Just to be clear, your involvement with the blog posting controversy with Andrew Caldwell stating he slept with Kordell Stewart and Porsha orchestrated it is a total lie?

Keyun Moon: That is a 125% lie! I have never had a conversation with neither Kordell Stewart or Porsha Williams. I met Porsha in passing over a year ago at Radio One and we took a picture together. The picture of Porsha and I are very old and they are still on my Instagram page. It will show that the picture was back in July of 2014, before the world knew of Andrew Caldwell. I have not seen the picture of Andrew and Kordell and I am not aware of whether he did or did not sleep with Kordell and it’s none of my business.

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