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September 11, 2011

On a day where the world celebrated and mourned the 10th Anniversary of 911, a new Sunday Best winner was crowned as Amber Bullock defeated Andrea Helms for the crown of Sunday Best. The show started with VaShawn Mitchell singing “Chasing After You” as Season 2 Sunday Best finalists Jessica Reedy & Zebulon Ellis joined him on the chart topper “Nobody Greater”. Almost immediately after, Hip-Hop gospel artist Lecrae, showed us why he is the top selling artist in gospel music when he performed his current single “Background”. It was evident that this was going to be a star studded event!

Amber Bullock starts out Round 1 with a fast version of Chris Tomlin’s “How Great Is Our God” mixed with a jazz infused version of “Make Heaven My Home” and ends with her version of “For Every Mountain”. I think she made Shirley Caesar. Speaking of Shirley Caesar, she also did a medley of her biggest hits; “You’re Next in Line For a Miracle”, “Sweeping Through The City” and “Jesus, I Love Calling Your Name”.

Next up is Andrea Helms singing “Because of Who You Are”, “I Love The Lord” and “The Heavens Are Telling”. All songs were very fitting for her and the anointing flowed through her as she sang with clarity and precision. The anointing was definitely in the room… the audience felt it, the judges felt it and Andrea herself indeed felt it!  Round 1 definitely goes to Andrea Helms!

Multi-platinum gospel artist and morning show host Yolanda Adams starts off the second half with her current single “Be Still” and Season 2 winner Y’Anna Crawley sped things up with “I Believe”, from her debut album “The Promise”.

To commemorate the 100th birthday of “The Queen of Gospel”, Mahalia Jackson, all three Sunday Best Winners- Crystal Aikin, Y’Anna Crawley and Le’Andria Johnson sang three Mahalia Jackson classics; “The Troubles of this World”, “Precious Lord”, “Go Tell It On The Mountain”, and “How I Got Over”. Let’s just say if they were gonna do a movie on the life of Mahalia Jackson, they should call Le’Andria. Her voice and tone is so similar to that of Mahalia Jackson that it is scary. Rance Allen and the Rance Allen Group performed their hit, “You That I Trust”, featuring Paul Porter.

Down to the final stretch, the two finalists performed the Ricardo Sanchez penned “Moving Forward” as a duet and they looked and sounded amazing. I mean really, these women really complimented one another and my wife suggested that whoever wins should record that song and invite the other to sing on it with them and I must say I agree. That was actually one of the best moments of the show, until Le’Andria Johnson re-entered the stage to sing her current radio single “Jesus” and she tore the house down, causing Kirk Franklin to pray for her and her talent in this industry we call music.

America voted and Amber Bullock is the winner of Sunday Best, however, both women are amazing vocalists and have long careers ahead of them. Congratulations to Amber!

Are you happy with the new Sunday Best winner?



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  1. I’m very happy for Amber she has such an incredible talent and I pray that she goes far, but I was rooting for Andrea because of the way I feel when I hear her beautiful voice. So annointed!

  2. The real winner tonight was Le’andria Johnson. She just released her new album and turnt out the show. Kirk Franklin broke out in prayer after she sang. I dont know what to say about Amber versus Andrea. The whole audience including the judges appeared to be in shock. I will bet that Andrea gets picked up by a label with all the exposure that she received on BET.

  3. Sorry but I think she won with sympathy votes..Andrea Helms is anointed by God and is shows … Amber is a cross between Gospel and jazz… My vote is for Andrea a dedicated Gospel Singer… God Bless them both…

  4. No I was not happy with the choice for the winner of Sunday Best. Although Amber is a great singer, Andrea has a voice that when you listen to it, it seems to come from the heavens. I believe that had this show been on another station where the exposure would have been to a more diverse audience, Andrea would hvae won. I would not be surprised to find out that a lot of people that voted for Amber did so because she was Black, not because she was the best. But then music appreciation is subjective soooo maybe all the people that voted for Amber really thought that she was the best singer, but I doubt very seriously that that was the case. When I looked at the judges after the anouncement that Amber was the wiinner and their reaction to her victory performance, the looks on their faces did not convey that they agreed with the results. Best of success to both of the finalist.

  5. Not at all. Whenever Andrea sang I was truly blessed in a way that I was not when Amber sang. Both women are indeed talented, but I worry that Andrea may have lost due to race instead of who really deserved to be Sunday Best. After viewing the show, I plan on buying Le’Andria CD and hope that Mrs. Helms will produce her own some day soon. I will definetely buy it.

  6. Not at all. Whenever Andrea sang I was truly blessed in a way that I was not when Amber sang. Both women are indeed talented, but I worry that Andrea may have lost due to race instead of who really deserved to be Sunday Best. After viewing the show, I plan on buying Le’Andria’s CD and hope that Mrs. Helms will produce her own some day soon. I will definetely buy it.

  7. I feel that Mama Sue was the best overall. But out of the two finalist, I feel that Andrea was the best. I really don’t see how Amber made it as far as she did. Don’t get me wrong the young lady does have talent but I just don’t feel she was “Sunday’s Best”!!! Just my opinion though!

  8. paleez stop with the racist bull amber was far better den andrea you dont juge off race but sound and versitility and yeah voted amber so did my church and friends and family and by the way several white peepl voted amber mike pugh and amber was the best if andrea had been black she wudda been gone home stop talkin bout annointin caus amber had it you dont know what andrea do behind close doors amber tore upp every song with style and grace and versitility thats why she was voted andrea is only good on church worshipp thats it. when we buy a cd we look for good singing not so called annointin. and stopp dis bull about what god wanted.god does not get involved in no competition!!!!! amber won end of book!!!!!! so have a coke and a smile and shutt uppppppp!!!!!

  9. I was unable to view the finals but i sure liked Andrea Voice, judging from the comments that i read Amber was not all the Winner. but say what in all things trust God.

  10. You did wonderful with thank you lord and how great is our god.Dont listen to what others say just sing what god tells u.i belive that u can do all though christ who strenghthens me.this is a 9 years old.belive me.i am a christian and i black girl what can say abt that.

  11. God bless the 9 year old, abigail monroe. and what wisdom! As for the finalist, I believe amber deserve the title. For the competition for sunday’s best required versitility in music, good pitch, hitting the notes, as well as having the anointing. If we were judging a contestant solely on the anointing, I probably would agree, andrea should have won, but we’re not. The competitors must be able to project all factors. As beautifully and anointed as andrea sang, she didn’t showed very much versatility. All her songs were basically praise and worship song in which I am also love.

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