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March 16, 2012

As told to Hasan James


She is not only an advocate for child abuse; she is a survivor! How does one woman survive getting raped by her brother in law and deal with the guilt and shame of her past?

Kimberly Rhem is a true soldier and she transformed her world of low self- esteem into the Fabulous Magical Kingdom- a real LIVE show with characters that can identify with the hurt and pain of abuse.  Are you paying attention to your children? Could it be that they are being sexually abused and you don’t even know it? Anyone who has children, nieces or nephews, should definitely continue reading.


Root Mag: First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to tell your story. Oftentimes abuse, and definitely physical abuse is kind of taboo in the African American community. Can you to tell us about how you were abused as a child?

Kimberly Rhem: My abuse started when I was 11 years old. I was sexually abused by my sister’s husband about a week after they were married.  Back in those days they didn’t go on honeymoons, so they went back to their place and I went back with them. I’ll never forget my mother had me dressed like a baby doll; I had on a white sweater and my hair was in ponytails. When it was time for me to go, I was crying because I wanted to be with my older sister and she pleaded with my mother to let me come back. So when I went back to the house the next day, my sister’s husband raped me and my sister actually walked in while he was raping me and she walked back out. Once he was finished, I will never forget the blood dripping down my leg. My sister actually helped me get cleaned up because it was time to take me home. I remember her telling me “never tell anyone what happened.”

Years later she had two kids by this same man and he ended up raping his daughter. Her daughter in turn ended up molesting my son. She ends up having a child of her own and then her daughter, who was two years old at the time, ends up being raped by a man and she ended up dying because of it. So the pattern was a snowball effect that kept going on and on. I don’t in any way blame myself for what happened but I keep thinking to myself that if my sister would have stood up and said what happened to me, it could have possibly broken the cycle.

There are so many lies and secrets in black families regarding abuse and I just refuse to keep the cycle going. Even after everything I’ve been through, I never turned to drugs, alcohol or cigarettes because the Lord kept me the entire time. But every time this man came around my family and I, he would always have this frown on his face and I would feel like I was being raped all over again.

My mother found out that I was raped when I was 18 years old and she still let him come around. Both of my sisters knew that I was raped because they read it in my sister’s (who is married to the rapist) diary. So they all knew about it, but I was the one that was holding on to it. For the longest time, my mother’s name for me was “The devil’s child,” so I believed I was the devil’s child until one day the Lord sent a soldier to me and she kept asking me everyday to go the church with her. After much contemplating, I finally decided to go to church and I joined church that same day but once I got involved in the church, the pastor of the church violated me. I still stayed there because I loved the women of the church and I didn’t want to go because it was the first time I felt like I had family. I felt close to them and I didn’t want to leave, but the Lord was telling me the whole time to leave. My husband ended up leaving the church, but I didn’t leave; I kept going. He didn’t understand that I wanted to feel that love that I didn’t receive from my family growing up. Then the Lord eventually removed me from there. Once he removed me from there, He [the Lord] stated to me, “Kim, in order for me to give you your purpose and go on with your life, you have to forgive your rapist, your mother, your sister and everyone who has hurt you.” At that time I didn’t even believe in God like I do now but I kept feeling his presence.

I eventually gave my life to Christ and once I did that, He gave me my purpose. I’ve been moving in my purpose and bringing awareness to child abuse since 2007.

Root Mag: Wow. That’s very intense, and like you said, it’s a cycle.  From the very beginning, why do you think your sister just turned away? Do you think it was something deeper? Did she know that he was this type of person? Have you and you sister had a conversation since then?

Kimberly Rhem: No. My sister and I have never talked about it and my family is not happy at all that I am putting the situation out there. Now I did talk to my niece that was raped by him, because I wasn’t talking to her either because of what she had did to my son, but she saw me on Facebook and she wanted me to tell the story. She said she was tired of the lies and secrets also; but as far as my sister, absolutely not. I cannot go and talk to her because it would be, “I don’t give a “F”, kiss my so and so, and all this mess and knowing it would make me feel like I was being raped all over again. So I don’t do that, I just decided that I would just leave it in God’s hands. I have my purpose, and I’m much stronger, it doesn’t affect me the way it used to affect me.

Root Mag: Is your sister still married to this guy?

Kimberly Rhem: No. After all this stuff happened, then she finally ends up leaving him.

Root Mag: Wow. So fast forward, you finally start the fabulous magical kingdom, what prompted you to start this? Was it a struggle in the beginning? Did you do this after you got saved?

Kimberly Rhem: Yes. I did this after I was saved because that was my purpose from God and it’s not a dream. I always tell people when you younger you dream; when you become an adult you have a purpose from God. But the Lord brought it to me, and He said to me this is what he wanted me to do. When He said the Fabulous Magical Kingdom, I didn’t understand. In 2007, I wrote a book about the fabulous magical kingdom and the people that lived inside the fabulous magical kingdom. God actually allowed me to visually see inside the fabulous magical kingdom and all the characters that were walking around. However, He never allowed me to release the book, but I know it’s coming. I already released a music CD out but for some reason he never allowed me to put the book out. The Lord gave me the vision for the fabulous magical kingdom and the fabulous magical friends and I am using these characters to bring awareness to child abuse.

Root Mag: Can you elaborate on the characters? Is it puppet characters just so our reader would know exactly what you mean as far as characters?

Kimberly Rhem: My characters are not puppet characters; they are like any other characters you would see at Disney World.  I play the character Queen Anastasia and I wear a huge ball gown and a unique crown on my head. My husband plays a character by the name of White Wolf and then we have Sissy and Millie, as some of the characters are based after some of my family members and they don’t even know. Sissy has downs syndrome, and Millie owns the magical kingdom.

Root Mag: So basically this is a skit that you go to schools and churches and things of that nature?

Kimberly Rhem: Well actually, my characters are not allowed in church. The Lord will not allow me to bring my characters in church and the reason why is because He doesn’t want people to think that the Fabulous Magical Kingdom characters are Baptist, or Christian, or have any type of religion. My characters don’t know anything about religion, color, special needs, or being handicapped because we wants all children to be welcomed inside the Fabulous Magical Kingdom. But we will take them into schools and different events for children.

Root Mag: Nice. So I have an eight year-old daughter and I can’t even imagine something like this happening to her. What are some of the signs of an abused child because you’re not with your child 24/7? Considering you have experienced this, what are some of the signs you look for in a sexually abused or a bullied child?

Kimberly Rhem: You can always tell when a child has been bullied or abused because their behavior changes. You have to take the time to know your child. My child was two years old when he told me what my niece had done to him. Children are very intelligent and we need to give them more credit than what you give them. If you start talking to them early about the right touch and the wrong touch or if a teacher calls you and tells you that your child is acting out, there is a reason why.  They’re so quick to put them on medication, but there is a reason. Start paying attention to the signs. Sixty-Eight percent of children, who are sexually abused, are abused by someone in their family or by someone they know. It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure that their child is comfortable enough to tell them even if their perpetrator threatens them.

Root Mag: Amen. So how can our readers get in contact with you for workshops and things of that nature?

Kimberly Rhem: They can call me at 443-683-6237.

Root Mag: Okay, and do you have a website or anything? Facebook or Twitter?

Kimberly Rhem: Yes, they can go to my Facebook page, type in Kimberly Rhem and ask for a friend request. They can also go to my website which is http://www.thefabulousmagicalkingdom.webs.com/

Root Mag: Well I thank you for your time and for sharing your story. I’m sure your story will help someone.

Kimberly Rhem: I appreciate you for having me; it’s been an honor.




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  1. I just finish watching another one of Ms. Kimberly Rhem videos . Mrs. Rhem stated in the video that she spoke
    at a school in her home town to children about her abuse and after speaking to the group of kids twenty out of twenty five called her and stated that they were being abused, My ? is have anyone at all taken the time to locate these children or should I say The twenty Children that stated to her that they were being abuse. I ask have the police in Mrs. Rhem home town question her about The twenty children that are being abuse . I would like to know have any arrest been made in any of The Twenty Children cases. One thing for sure Mrs. Rhem is right, we are responsible for our chilren lives, so I ask the people how is that Mrs. Rhem is allowed to go into our children school and talk to them about her sexual abuse, And how is that she is allowed to stated in details about her sexual abuse. Readers pleases understand this not an attack on Mrs. Rhem I am a concern Mother and I was wondering if anyone eles out there have concerns as well. I know I may make a few mistakes in typing it’s just that as things are on my mind I am getting them off my mind, so please be patient with me and search your heart for question as I have. I am truly sorry about Mrs. Rhem past life of abuse,Maybe it’s me I really think she needs help to get her through
    this. Mrs. Rhem saids she has forgiven people that have wronged her, I know we all would like to beleive that
    statment that continuously comes out of her mouth. Take a moment to think about it, I believe each and every time she tells her story out loud to a group of children, Mrs. Rhem re-lives her rape over and over again, How sad
    is that and what kind of life is that for one to live. Mrs. Rhem story has changed many times, each time she tells
    the story it appears to be growing, I really do feel so sorry for her because she has not forgiven anyone. Mrs. Rhem has
    found away to use our children and child abuse awareness as away to continue to re-live her sexual abuse. she has yet to seek help so she can move on and have some kind of life. .it is our job as parents to teach our children, I think we all have a job to do when it comes to the care of our children as we as other children we may come in contact with. please speak up and if there is a doctor out there that would like to come forward and offer Mrs. Rhem some help, Please, Please go to her web page and contact her. Have anyone of you thought about how Mrs. Rhem must feel after telling her story of her abuse over, over, and over again. My God I would not want to re-live my past life as my present life, Help me to understand! I am not a head Doctor but I have a hard time with the details of Mrs. Rhem sexual abuse. Take a moment picture it not taking anything away from Mrs. Rhem life, picture it you are driving on the highway and you look out your car window and there is a bad acident, I will not paint the picture for you because i am making this up to make appoint, the acident takes your breath away and you are having a hard time breathing all you can think about is I hope everyone in that car make it, you begin to pray, now for days and sometime weeks that acident remains as a image in you head. People our children hear and see enough to last them a life time without some adult placing there sexual abuse in there head and the details of it.
    One Love, I Am Concern

  2. I have some question about Mrs. Rhem life story. 1, Who is the pastor that violated Mrs. Rhem (2. Have this pastor been reported to the police.(3. Have Mrs. Rhem recieved any therapy. (4. What ever happen to the children that reported there abuse to her. I read on the net that Mrs. Rhem have suffered other kinds of abuse
    physical abuse at the hands of her husband and son. I did some research on this and it is a fact. A source told me that Mrs. Rhem added things to her story to make things sound – What is the word I would like to use, well let’s say larger than what really happen to her. A source told me there was no blood dripping down her legs and there was no diary, in Mrs. Rhem radio talk show she stated that it happen the first summer they were married, on another talk radio show she stated that it happen two weeks after they was married, but in
    her interview withRoot Mag co. she stated that it was two days after they were married. The reason why I am making thie point, It’s clear that Mrs. Rhem needs therapy. A source also told me that she physical abused her son, The same source told me that the sexual abuse by another child in her family did not take place.
    The reliable source also told me that Mrs. Rhem sexual abuse was not kept a secret in there family, ” The mimute they the family found out about it,They all were upset as a family. The reliable source told me that Mrs. Rhem recieved love and surpport from her family over the years, no one has downed played what happen to her.
    A source told me there family has suffered alot and have gone through alot,They have moved on in life and they hope and pray that Mrs. Rhem get help. I also watched her youtube video, I myself whom work with – Let’s say Mental health patients, I can see that something is not right . I myself dont believe that she should be talking to children about her sexual abuse nor should she continue to place her life in the public path way.
    I hope and pray that someone find away to reach her.I notice on the radio show Mrs. Rhem never really answers the question that are asked. I also notice that her face is every were on her web page. I notice that everything is about her life until the very end. I believe we need to look into the story about the pastor and find out if he is still in the chruch. Now Mrs. Rhem stated that her abuse was hiden, What about this pastor. Root Mag never question her about the pastor, never question her about the twenty children, maybe they didn’t know or maybe they didn’t take the time to listen to Mrs. Rhem radio talk show – if they didn’t Shame On Them!
    A source told me that, action are being taken to keep Mrs. Rhem out of the school systems
    talking to our children about her sexual abuse. As I talk to the source I will keep you informed by posting my reliable source information every were I can. I hope to have my web page up so you guys can go on it and read what the source shares with little old Me.

  3. Hi: It’s Ms. justice, I just got off the phone with the source and the source tells me that our friends out there in the real world is looking for answers about this pastor, The people are upset that Mrs. Rhem did not go into details about the pastor of the chruch she use to attend. The source told me it is a fact that she was rape by her sister husband but the other thing Mrs. Rhem mention is not true. We all know I can not give up the source, so please dont ask. The source told me,They are really surprise that Mrs. Rhem was able to go into the school and talk to children, She dose not have a high school diploma but she is good at making up false documents,Hey I am only going on what the source told me, The source said they can back all of this up with truth and this is a reliable source. I would not put this out there if it was’nt a real source I know the law. Any way, The source told me that she has lied so much on family members that they have in fact cut her off because she keep so much friction in the family. The source told me that the family have did there best to deal with Mrs. Rhem but she blames everyone for what happen to her, I am so sorry for Mrs. Rhem. source told me that once upon a time Mrs. Rhem went as far as saying she was adopted, The source told me it caused alot of chaos in their family, source said Mrs. Rhem told other family members that her real mother was jewish, okay the source spoke this not me, The source said they can prove it. Tell me dose this sound like a person that should be out in the world talking to our children, and helping our love ones that need help with there abuse. What kind of back ground dose Mrs. Rhem has that would qualified her to give her advise
    to our love ones that has suffered trauma, Have anyone asked that question, I’m just saying. I would want someone with a degree walking me out of the darkness, not someone that shares her past as the present . Have anyone thought about the trauma this could do to someone that have moved on with there life, I dont believe that Mrs. Rhem thought about the trigers that can be set off in a person life that has recieved therapy.
    I am not a doctor but I would strongly advise you not to read the details in Mrs. Rhem story. People please list The sourse told me that alot of the detail are made up, and that Mrs. Rhem have yet to recieve therapy for her abuse. I hate that I have to put this out there but people are feeling sorry for Mrs. Rhem and they have no way of following the truth, So I found a source. what did Root Mag co. find out, (Nothing) Dont worry I got your back.
    Please keep in mind the sexual rape did happen, but we can not have Mrs. Rhem or anyone taking a good
    cause like child abuse awareness and using it to promote there business, just my opinion!
    I will keep you Informed as the source Informs me of the truth and only the truth. If something dose come up and there’s no truth to it I will retacted the source statment or if I state it wrong you guys will be the first to know. Justice!

  4. Hey Friends out there in the real world it’s Ms. Justice, I was going to wait until friday to bring this to you guys.
    The source contacted me and wanted me to share some late breaking news about the interview Mrs. Rhem did with Root Mag co.Well the source said that Mrs. Rhem stated that if she spoke with Her sister about the rape, Her sister would go off on her. Well the source said her sister said she loves her sister but she want her to move on with her life, The source said that the sister have had a hard time dealing with this as well but she as seeked help in order to live a better life. The source also said that Mrs. Rhem lied about the Niece baby that was killed, the baby was not two years old, the baby was eightteen months old, Mrs. Rhem sexual abuse had nothing to do with what happen to her great niece,The source said that happen many, many years later, and the alleged sexual abuse that Mrs. Rhem stated that her eight year old niece placed into her two year old son life was not true.The reliable source told me that Mrs. Rhem stated that it was a snow ball effect,The source told me there was never a pattern. I really dont know what to say to the late breaking news from the source, I am sitting here in a stated of shock. Now this is what the source told me, please dont kill the writer, The source said Mrs. Rhem have been sick in her head for along time, keep in mind the source, I do not know the family. again the source
    is a reliable source, That’s all I am saying. as the source brings me the facts like, I said I will bring them to you
    The source said the family is hoping a mental health doctor will come forward and treat Mrs. Rhem. My prayers gose out to the family and Mrs. Rhem whom is on the outside of the family at this time. Ms. Justice

  5. Good Morning, I would like to thank Ms. Justice and The source for searching for the truth. I have been following Mrs. Rhem on the web and I felt like it was more to her story as well. I thank Root Mag Co. for the interview with Mrs. Rhem because it has gotten alot of attention. I feel so sorry for the family, No one wants false statememt made about them. I hope that the source continues to contact Ms. Justice, You go Ms. Justice!
    I have some questions myself but I am on my way to my job.Have a nice day!

  6. Hey Friends It’s Ms. Justice I dont know if Mrs. Rhem has responded to anyone
    out there in the real world but if you should
    find any thing posted from Mrs. Rhem Please let me know. I know everyone is waiting to find out if I have spoke to the source. Yes I have,The source told me to share this with the friends in the real world, Mrs. Rhem stated she was rised to believe that she was the devils children, The source told me Mrs. Rhem was rised up in the chruch,The source told Me that Mrs. Rhem mother had her in church early sunday mornings and late sunday evenings. The source said that Mrs. Rhem also States on her web page No More Secrets, No More Lies. We all want the truth Mrs. Rhem. This is why I went after the source, Mrs. Rhem you are so right No More Secrets and NO More Lies Out Of You. The sorce also want friends to know that you have yet to came out of the closet about the abused you have suffered in your marriage, The source said you have suffered physical abuse at the hands of your husband about two or three months ago and that this has been going on for year, Now keep in mind the source have the facts. Mrs. Rhem Your friends would like to know how are you dealing with this abuse and if you have ever reported your husband to to the police, Mrs. Rhem are you still married to this man. The source said your family is praying for you and They all love you, How special is that. Mrs. Rhem, I Justice say to you life is to short to cause chaos in your family lives, My opinion to you is to seek help. It appears that you have past and current abuse that you need help with. I dont think you should be out in the word advocating for any kind of abuse, Mrs. Rhem please step down until you seek help,Just my opinion. The source said please go to Mrs. Rhem youtube site and take a good look at her and you will see the pain she is in.The source said the family is depending on the friends out there in the real world to stand with them in the fight to get Mrs. Rhem some professional help and If she is still married to this man, The source said the abuse may still be going on in the marriage, remember The source said it was just a few months ago. Mrs. Rhem your friends are hear for you. Remember I stated if there was anything that was stated wrong I would retract the statememt, Well I am not retracting this statement but The source told me that Mrs. Rhem dose not have a high school diploma but possible a (GED), Now this is what the source has shared with me. Please let me know if I should write a retraction of statement, I would be glad to so.I believe it needed to be stated correctly. I am not hating I am stating facts from the source, please do not be mad at the writer. The source also was able to find out information about the niece, The one Mrs. Rhem speaks about, The source said the niece have recieved help, because loosing her eight- teen month old baby was too much to bare. The source said peolpe find it very hard that Mrs. Rhem would wanted Her niece to go through anything eles, As if the murder of her baby wasn’t enough. The source said the family want the people to know they live with this nightmare each and every day of there lives and a snow ball effect had nothing to do with the murder of there great niece nor did it have anything to with Mrs. Rhem The source said the family dose not want friend out in the real world feeling sorry for them, The source said they welcome your surpport, because it has been hard on there family through out the years and it has been years ago since this happen to there family.The source said they had no idea that Mrs. Rhem would exploit the family trauma to promote her business. The source said the family is strong but they want friend to know They found out about this news from friend that know the family that was suffing the web. The source said, The family want the people in the real world to Know that Mrs. Rhem lives in the past. The source said the family is strong enough to send there love out to anyone that have lost a child or love one, They family ask that you remain strong and continue to love one another as they have done, The source. I must say so myself, Friend I had a hard time writing this because Ms. Justice heart gose out to the family and the niece. The source told me the niece has moved on with her life and have had other beautiful child. I pray that the niece children never visit ther aunt web pages.
    I feel so sorry for Mrs. Rhem but she went about this the wrong way,There are children involed, Please write and share your concerns because we need to get this stuff of the web before the niece children stumble across it.
    Friends we all know this is a outrageous, and we need to do something about this! The source said that Mrs. Rhem was in fact contacted by a family member about the things she was stating, The source said that Mrs. Rhem stated it is my story. Well Mrs. Rhem the sexual abuse that happen to you Yes! we all know that story but putting your family life on the web it makes you a cold hearted person and I myself feel like you should step down until you seek help. We all know you are out to hurt your family,What kind of forgiveness is that. The source and I ask that you really take a good look at Mrs. Rhem web, before you voice your opinion. If you have a child or children, nieces ,nephew please stop what you are doing and Read All About It! I will bring you the details as The source shares it with me. Ms. Justice shares her one love with the real people in the world. Until I hear from the source Love one another. Justice for the family!

  7. Ms. Mae Johnson here I’m 65 years old
    what is the matter with mrs. rhem, lord have mercy.
    i hope ms. justice keep bring us the truth from the source. i would like to know what i can do
    to get mrs. rhem off the internet, lord have mercy. my heart gose out to the family.
    i feel so sorry for mrs. rhem mother. a jewish white women her mother, you have got to be kidding me.
    mrs. rhem is right were she should be on the outside of the family, she’s a trouble maker. i do not know her and i dont want to know her .sick i say,sick. if mrs. rhem was my daughter i would tell her to go some where and sit her ass down. yes she was raped but why everything else, lord have mercy. mrs. rhem go some where and sit down.
    ms. mae johnson here

  8. I posted these comments yesterday and they did not show up for reader so here I am again.

    My Comments are in regards to an online video I watched of Ms. Rhem’s advocating for child abuse, and the article with Root Magazine.
    I would first like to say that I am a child of God, and the foundation of my faith is based on the truths of what I believe Jesus has already done for me. Ms. Rhem stated in her video that she gave herself to God in return to receive something (her purpose) from Him. We have to accept Jesus for what he has already done for us, and not what we expect to receive from Him. God ways are not our ways and often his plan for us is not the plan we want for ourselves; we often deny the directions God is sending us in.
    Ms. Rhem stated in her video that she became mad at God once she accepted Him and He did not give her; her purpose. My heart is saddened for Ms. Rhem because not once did I hear her say that she thank God for delivering her from that abusive experience. We must first acknowledge God and then He will direct our path; we must give God the glory for our deliverance and then give ourtestimony about how He delivered us and the good that came from it. She also stated that God would not give her; her purpose until she forgave those that hurt her. Don’t get me wrong, this is very serious but I don’t here forgiveness; I hear blame. I hear a woman telling her story to anyone that will listen and read about it. My reason for saying so is that everything Ms. Rhem is speaking about is me and my. I only hear negative things directed towards those she say she forgave.
    Ms. Rhem stated in her video that the flesh is the devils’ soldier. God sent his Son in the flesh to die for us; to deliver us from the hold of sin, and Jesus died in the flesh to justify our sins; therefore, how is it possible that the flesh is the devils’ soldier. When we give our life to God and is baptized in the name of God the Father, Jesus His Son and the Holy Spirit we become a new creature.
    In the article when Ms. Rhem was asked “So basically this is a skit that you go to schools and churches and things of that nature;” she stated “The Lord will not allow me to bring my characters in church and the reason why is because He doesn’t want people to think that the Fabulous Magical Kingdom characters are Baptist, or Christian, or have any type of religion.” My God!! If God is for us (any believer of his) who can be against us; why wouldn’t “The Lord” want her to tell others; inside and outside the church about what He has done for her. God is not ashamed of who He is, man is ashamed. We are to share the good that comes out of our bad experiences. That is what give people hope and let them know that they are not the only ones going through, if God did that for her He can do that for me. We are to share our testimonies to those who believe and those who don’t believe in God, and one of the best places to start is in church. A lot of people (men, women and children) are there because they are hurt, broken and ashamed. If a child is in a household where there is hurt and pain that child is going through hurt and pain as well.
    I next want to comment on the statement from the article that Ms. Rhem’s pastor violated her and she “stayed because she loved the women of the church.” I am confused as to how Ms. Rhem could stand to be in the presence and under the teachings of a person who is suppose to be a leader of the church, to save souls, and violated her in the church. I would think that would have made her re-live her abusive experience every time she saw this pastor. My question is did Ms. Rhem sare this with the congregation? Did she share this with the First Lady or any other spiritual leader at that place of worship? Was this pastor ever reported to the suthorities? Did she seek counseling after this?

    Ms. Rhem states that she is advocating for children of child abuse but I do not understanding how this story is helping or advocating for children of abuse. I hear a woman who is hurt and in a lot of pain telling her story. As a sister, a mother and grandmother I would be very much upset if Ms. Rhem told my child or grandchild her story. Children are vulnerable and very impressionable and we as adults need to be careful of how we inflect our painful experiences upon them. I am not hearing anything about what help the children are receiving, only about her story. How has her story helped them (the child) or their parents to deal with their child and the abuse they have experienced; I only hear about her story. Has any legal actions been taken on behalf of these children; I only hear about her story. Have these choldren received any counseling to help them get through the pain and sham of their horrific experience; I only hear about her story.
    In ending; my prayer to God is that Ms. Rhem seek professional help so that she will truly come to a place of gorgiveness and move forward with her life because it sound to me that she is living that experience every time she tells her story.

    From a concerned sister, mother and grandmother.

  9. Ms. mae johnson here i went on mrs.rhem youtube page last night and read some of the things ms. justice stated.,when i went back on the page today i see where the truth has hit home with someone. i have some question also, what is that on top of mrs.rhen head lord have mercy i had to laugh out loud,now let’s be real it dose look like she need to wash her face.i am a old school girl and believe in the power of water first. the police dose need to find mrs. rhem and in fact question her about this pastor and the twenty children that she said came to her and reported their abuses MY GOD that’s alot of children being abused, lord have mercy. i am not making fun of mrs. rhem because she has done a god job of looking like a fool herself but she should have taken a good look in the mirror before she sat down, lord you know best. i called my daughter that lives in north california and said to her baby doll you need to read and see what you mama is viewing on the internet. see my daughter tells me not to read such junk but i can’t help but follow mrs. rhem foolish behind. i would like to thank ms. justice for bring us the source, because i bet alot of people was feeling real bad for this nut. lord have mercy. daughter i know you will read this and i know you know i have been nothing but a good mother to you, if you go looking for a jewish mom i wish you the best. i know one thing mrs. rhen have alot of people tuning into youtube but they will not find ms. justice and the source comments because the truth hurts, they have been removed. i know i saw it and the company i had over saw it. ms. mae johnson here.

  10. Hi It’s Ms. Justice, I have read each and everyone of your comments. The source and I would like to thank you Ms. Mae Johnson.You are so right The source and I have been removed from Mrs. Rhem youtube page. Trust me that’s okay because you guys have made it worth my time to keep in contact with The source. I am not mad at How ever,I do feel sorry for Mrs. Rhem. I have not spoken to The source today but as soon as I here something I will bring it to you hot out of The source mouth. I would like to take this time and Thank Root Magazine Co. and the Readers for allowing Ms. Justice to report the truth from The source. To the Ceo. of Root Magazine Co. on behalf of the family, I know they would like to Thank you as well.To the people in the real world, I have concerns about Mrs. Rhem running around through the malls and in an out of schools
    TALKING ABOUT HER SEXUAL ABUSES. Let’s take the time to talk about how she talks about how fabulous she is, for a women that has suffered so much abuses in her life, she’s not shy at all when it come trying to be sexy. I feel sick to my stomach each and every time Mrs. Rhem states some where on her a web page, that people came up to her and say to her how fabolous she is or look. I had no idea that child abuses awearness was about sex appeal. I am sick of seeing Mrs. Rhem face all over the place using child abuses awearness to promote her so call business. Friend – as parents we have to stop and ask ourselves, Who left the gate open for such a sick person to enter into our children lives and tell her story with made up details, I am saying no more! let’s protect our children, let’s not be so quick to jump out there wanting our children to become stars over night , I am not sayimg a star is not born over night I am saying parents and as a parent do the math. I read some were someone called her a princess, I am so confused How is this so,There has been many stars that played the roll of a princess in the movies. I can not say I have seen one walking around where you can’t even Identify the person behide the makeup, parents ask yourself a woman or man made up
    like this must have alot to hide, Well The source brought us the facts on Mrs. Rhem secrets and lies. I would not trust Mrs. Rhem around my child to feed him or she false information that my turn my child life upside down, look at what she have done to her only son life by putting false information out there about a abuses that didn’t happen to him, Mrs. Rhem is truly sick. . Mrs. Rhem only throught about what Mrs. Rhem wanted. If Mrs. Rhem didn’t think about protecting her only son or her grandchildren how is that she can advocate for our children safety and advocate for child abuses awearness, someone out there tell ( Ms. Justice) how did this get pass us. Mrs. Rhem told our children who not to trust, Mrs. Rhem told our children to come to her and she will save them, My mother told me it takes a village to raise the children, she never told me about a woman running around dressed in a blue ball grown, looking a clown with huge wings on her back that have dollar true puff ball glued on to the back of them, how silly is that. We teach how children to beaware of strangers but yet we allowed Mrs. Rhem to visit our children schools and prade around in our malls in a huge ball grown.Mrs. Rhem calls herself Ms.Diva, Lady survivor, wow! such a grandiose personailty. Mrs. Rhem also used the statement “It’s like a fanfest” when people see her out and about. Friends out there in the real world go behind the scenes and find the truth out about Mrs. Rhem.I would like to thank everyone that is sending in there commemts. Well friends, I thank you once again and as always I will keep you informed as soon as The source informs me of the truth, Stay tuned In, I must say this what is up with the wigs, check out the one on youtube – watch what the wig as Mrs. Rhem leans forward, I mean it’s a hot mess any way, I just thought I would stated the truth, But if anyone is looking for a good laugh to smooth some of this madness, Please go on her youtube page and view the video. Ms. Justice

  11. Ms. Justice ,I just wanted to share this- Parents watch out for posers.
    Mrs. Rhem is posing as a child abuses advocate,
    Mrs. Rhem wanted to become a star over night she had no idea how to make it happen.
    Mrs Rhem seeked out our children as well as advocating for child abuses awareness. if that makes any since. Mrs. Rhem is pitiful. Ms. Justice Thank You!

  12. It’s Ms. Justice, Mrs. Rhem went on her radio talk show and once again she lied. Ms. Rhem Stated that her family would like for the people in the real world to believe that her sexual abuse didn’t happen.The source never stated that, Mrs. Rhem sexual abuse never happend, The source in fact repeatly stated that in fact the sexual abuse did happen to Mrs. Rhem. The source stated Mrs. Rhem in Fact was sexual abused by her sister husband, The source stated that the detail that Mrs. Rhem stated about her sexual abuse in fact did not happen at all. People out there in the real world please keep in mind that The source has no reason to bring you false details.The sorce told me that Mrs. Rhem family is not trying to destroy her name, They have moved on in their lives.The source told me the family wish Mrs. Rhem the very best in her life. The source told me that the family dose not and did not have a problem with Mrs. Rhem telling her story , The source said the family was hurt that she lied about the details. YES MRS. RHEM RAPE DID HAPPEN BUT NOT THE DETAILS, PLEASE UNDERSTAND THE SOURCE SAID THE RAPE DID HAPPEN BUT NOT THE DETAIL THAT MRS. RHEM HAS STATED OVER AND OVER AGAING. The source told me – The family is ever so grateful for the surpport they have recieved fromThe real people all around the world, The source told me the family is very happy that The people out there in the real world took the time to read the truth. I justice would like to thank each and everyone of you for opening your hearts to the truth, I HAVE ONE LOVE FOR ALL OF YOU! I ask the people in the real world to continue to pray for Mrs Rhem and her family because only GOD will be able to heal this family. I hope that Mrs. Rhem finally seek help for the pain she is in and for what she is going through. we must continue to pray for Mrs. Rhem as well. Mrs. Rhem stated that the schools took out religion but the fact is, it’s not about religion with Ms. Rhem; It’s about the information Mrs. Rhem shared with our children about her sexual abuse ( false details ) I just wanted to stated that. One Love – The thruth is freedom,
    and the Facts are real, continue to love one another. Ms. Justice

  13. Hi It’s Ms. Justice again I would like to say if Mrs. Rhem care so much about her family and she forgave them, Why is that she felt the need to do this to her family. Mrs. Rhem what about, what your niece is going through, her daught was murderd and The source told, what happen to your great niece no one adult or one child should have ever suffer what that baby suffer befrore she was murderd, Mrs. Rhem what about you niece other children did you even think about what this would do to them if they read or heard your story that have all of these false details in it. My God. I really dont have any thing else to say. I just pray that someone out there will find away to protect your niece children from this, someone who really cares, can remove your web pages. I gave it alot of thought, I get upset when I think about your niece children who are very young. Mrs. Rhem your niece, your, family and you have suffered enough let it go! before you destroy alot of young lives in your family. Ms. Justice

  14. Ms. mae johnson. I haven’t heard anything about mrs. rhem for a while. well i know this dose not have anything to do with mrs.rhem interview with root mag co. honey child i sure felt the need to share this with root and all you good people. honey i been taken care of my life but took time out to see if this women was still telling lies, well honey child i found something she did on youtube, some mess called tea time two, lord have mercy. i said to myself this women haven’t got help yet. well mrs.rhem told her rape story like it was a fairy tale, mrs. rhem said she wanted to tell her story in a unique way because her story was unique. i mean i am a older women – unique dose mean excellence, lord have mercy, what was excellence about being raped. mrs. rhem said she was eleven years old and she could’nt remember if she was in her sister wedding, i was six in my aunt wedding and i still remember it like it was yesterday. i mean if you watched the youtube video mrs. rhem said how she loved a good fairy tale, mrs. rhem also said it was really, really magical her sister had found her king. okay mrs. rhem is so fake. did anyone catch it when she said not her mother, sisters or brothers knew about the rape and then 3 minutes later mrs.rhem said they all knew about it . women which one is it, either they knew or they didn’t, i am so sick of these lies and your fake story, now ms.justice already said the source said the details was not true in your rape story, mrs. rhem go some where and sit down! we are sick of you and sick of earing your lies, i dont know about anyone else, i am sick of earing mrs.rhem say when i was eleven, my god. i hope root mag co. post this because she tells on herself. mrs. rhem you gave the source help. honey keep talking you are putting the truth out there yourself.good people go to this fool youtube page and watch this video and listen good as mrs.rhem tell her rape story as a fairy tale, how sick is that. i bet her family is glad they droped her off , lord have mercy.listen root mag co. i haven’t heard anything from ms. justice about this, so i felt like i needed to share this. please post this. take care.i got to go and cook supper. from a concern old lady.

  15. It is really amazing to read the posts of Mae Johnson and Ms. Justice. It is very apparent that you are deeper involved in this than you admit to, since you are talking to the “SOURCE”. Whether blood was dripping down a 11 year olds leg after she got raped or not, is irrelevant….. for somone to write these posts and slander Mrs. Rhem about what happened to her is nothing else but SAD.
    No one and I mean absolutely no one has the right to discredit HER story… it is not your story Mae Johnson, or yours,Ms. Justice… because you were not present.

  16. Hi It’s Ms. Justice it’s not about discrediting Mrs. Rhem name it’s about the truth behind the story,it’s not about blood dripping down a 11 year old girl leg. keep in mind Mrs. Rhem put her story out there for the world to view. keep in mind Mrs. Rhem stated that the information she was sharing was facts. keep in mind Mrs. Rhem also stated that she was violated by the pastor at her chruch, We as the people have the right to know the truth. I found The Source and The Source only brought the truth to the people. What? did Mrs. Rhem think was going to happen once she place such a story before the public eyes. I feel SAD for Mrs. Rhem but I had to search for the facts. Irrelevant or not The Source came forward with facts. Everyone and do mean Everyone have the right to the truth! what is amazing to me is that Mrs. Rhem gives a different version each and every time she tells her story. I see she has added her brothers to the new version on youtube. you are rihgt I am involved and I hope that everyone that listen to Mrs. Rhem story Get Involved. The message Mrs. Rhem is sending our children is wrong. I mean no one and I do mean no one should lie about such a thing…..details of there RAPE. when The Source brings me the truth I will report the truth….It’s not about a 11 year old girl nor is it about blood dripping down the leg of a 11 year old girl, It’s about the truth. It’s not about discrediting Mrs. Rhem story it’s about the truth……The Truth! It’s not personal, again It’s about the truth and The Sorcue brought the people in the real world the truth. The truth is out there, The facts are out there and There you have it. Ms. Justice

  17. Ms. mae johnson here i am going to take my little old time and say what i need to say. right before i was getting ready to have my morning coffee my phone ring, it was my daughter; she said momma you are a star, your name have been mention on that root magazines co. i said child let me call you back i didn’t give her a chance to say anything else; i got on this thing looking for my name to see what root magazine co. had to say about me and all i found was another sad soul on here talking hogwash lord have mercy. i am so glad i didn’t call any of my neighbors, lord i would hate to think what my neighbors would have said behind my back., you see they was trying to make old ms. johnson look like a fool too ,lord have mercy .honey child you listern to me. you are so right; baby! it is not my story and i was not there, the way i see it ;mrs. rhem made it everybody story; now you stop it! you know that this women had no business telling children about her rape my god, my god now just stop! lord have mercy. i thought the man his self was trying to contact me from root magazine co and i get on here and find this mess honey child you better quit.
    and another thing i dont have to admit to anything i was not the one on the internet telling lies to the public. now when i checked back a few days ago i thought i was going to find some good news but all i found was this nut on youtube, i said to myself what! in the world, i haven’t heard anything so i said mrs. rhem is getting help, she is talking out her life story with a real doctor, now wait one second mrs. rhem is not going to pin this on me, lord have mercy, mrs. rhem should be ashamed of herself, i have heard everything now,wait! a minute someone is at my door…….a friend of mines just stop by….give me a minute while i up date her on how i thought i was being contacted by root magazine,and come to fine out i was being punked! lord have mercy! she’s sitting here laughing!… i dont know ms. justice, i dont know the source and if i did i wouldn’t tell you… i would love to talk to the source, i am not saying ms. justice haven’t kept us inform; all i am saying; i have some question myself. i can’t ask mrs. rhem; now can i, well i can but honey i already know she’s not going to tell the truth. i did not in way discredit mrs.rhem story, lady stop! mrs. rhem discredit her own story by putting out so many different ones, honey child you know this and so dose everyone else, i can’t speak for lady justice but i can speck for me, mrs. rhem will not pin this mess on me; lord have mercy. now let’s stick to the story at hand, mrs. rhem said no more secrets,no more lies, well let her live by it i can tell you right now sadness i will not go back and forward with you about mrs. rhem story, i am almost sure mrs. rhem would not want you sadness or a old lady like me taking the spot light off of her,….. NOW! they have a story about me thanks to you and it is true,( old lady ms. johnson got punked! ) lord have mercy. another thing i was not present, i did not have to be present because mrs. rhem did a fine job walking us through her life story, the only thing i can tell you if you missed it here are some sites you can go on to listen to it or even read about it, root magazine, po -plotictin, diva spot talk radio show, facebook. the fablousmagical kingdom website the list gose on and on;, (you have been up dated), oh i forgot this site, – youtube (Now this for the Ceo at Root Magazine Co. dont you come knocking at old ms.johnson door without calling first because i would like to put my good hair on, lord have mercy, you hear me please! dont punk me wrong! take care ms.mae johnson here.

  18. Hi It’s Ms. Justice I really can’t post at this time because I am in the middle of something.
    I have spoken to The Source, I shall post a little later.
    Thank You Ms. Justice

  19. Ms. Justice, I am the Editor of Root Magazine and I have read all of your comments regarding this and although I have remained neutral for the most part, I feel the need to chime in. You come on this blog and you keep talking about the “source” but this interview was with Mrs. Rhem, therefore she is the only source. You have consistently called Mrs. Rhem a liar and demeaned her character and I find it somewhat offensive. Could there be inconsistencies in her story? Possibly. But the fact remains that she was raped! If she is your sister then maybe you should forgive her and be apart of the solution instead of the problem!

  20. Mr. James Mrs. Rhem is not a family member of mines. I only reported what The Source brought to me. yes the interview was Mrs. Rhem, how can Mrs. Rhem be the only ‘source’ when fact she included others in her interview. Mrs. Rhem demeaned her on character. I found a source and asked Question and also recieved proof. I have nothing to forgive her for, she has done nothing to me. I spoke with The Source and talked about the facts. sorry that you have been offened by this but others have been offened by Mrs. Rhem statements. fact , inconsistencies in Mrs. Rhem story is one thing but making up false details about her rape is another thing, My heart gose out to Mrs. Rhem and Mrs. Rhem family, but it dose not change the facts. Yes The source said Mrs. Rhem was raped! by her sister husband. When Mrs. Rhem first spoke about Her rape, You couldn’t do anything but feel sad and bad that something like this had to her as a child. I wanted to know more, so off I went. I wanted to find out how Mrs. Rhem family truly fitted into Her story, It came as a shock to me as well, to be informed of the false details Mrs. Rhem stated.The solution was made clear! The Sorce said that Mrs. Rhem family feels that she needs professional help, The Source stated the problem! is the fabrication Mrs Rhem included in her story.
    Thank You; Ms. Justice

  21. I am Mrs. Rhem sister ,I am NOT MS. Justice “SOURCE” although you can call me a source. Just because my sister is telling her rape story it dose not make her the only source,nor dose it give her the right to fabricat the details especially about others ,just so she can promote her so called Magical Kingdom bussiness. She is very ill and has never receive any heip for this incident .I am very sad for my sister (Mrs. Rhem). When I saw her You Tube videos my heart broke for her,You could really see just how sick she really is . I am ANGRY with her husband, so call friends,and whom ever is helping her with this .Although she appears to be intelligent You ALL CAN SEE THAT SHE IS SICK! (Look at her You Tube videos). I am not ashame of her telling her story or helping with child abuse, I only want her to seek help(counseling, medication) so that she can find an apparent way to deal withh her pain .She cannot help our children or anyone else until she receive help .My sister blames everyone for what has happen to her and what is still happening to her. We love our sister but we cannot stand by and watch her anymore cause chaos in the family (I am not talking about her rape) we have tried to get her to get help.She”s trying to make money and to promote her so call bussiness at the expense of her family,children.and others.She is very delusional, So I ask if you are helping her stop ! and help us get her some professional help. I would like to thank MS.Justice and the source for bringing the ppeople the truth it’s been long over do.Ms. Justice and the source I would like to meet you, because you seem to care.

  22. MS. Justice or the Source please contact me or someone in my family,You have to be someone whom is close to our family to have so many details. (WHO ARE YOU)

  23. Hi It’s Ms. Justice
    I apologize for taking so long to respond to your commment, Sister of Mrs. Rhem. I am unable to share who The “Source” is at this time. I would not have a problem meeting with you. my heart gose out to your family and Mrs. Rhem. I would like to share I only reported what The Source asked me to report. I thank you so very much for being understanding. it was not a attack on Mrs. Rhem or your family, It was about the the Truth. we all know around the world little girls, teenage girls, women, little boys, teenage boy and men are being raped every day and some victims report there rape and other victims never report there rape, fabricating the details of any crime is not okay at anytime. I am sorry for any hurt or pain that I may have caused your family. I will find you;Sister of Mrs. Rhem. Take Care!

    Ms. Justice

  24. Ms. mae johnson here,Ms. justice i thought they had done ran you off , i said lord have mercy. i am so glad the sister came forward what in the world took her so long, well mrs. rhem sister maybe now someone will be willing to come forward and help your sister, honey child you are not my daught but i am proud of you because it took a real woman and a real sister to do what you did. mrs. rhem i hope you are listing to your sister and check you back pocket for new friends, i was thinking this one but i guess i will go ahead and say it maybe a neww husband, lord have mercy. anyway honey child i am praying for you and your family. let old me. johnson say this i will be here for you when you come back with your new story, now dont rush things take your time and get better and please stop listing to hogwash people ard telling you baby, you need to stay with your family the ones who love and care about you, mrs. rhem family that truly care about you are hard to come by. mrs rhem. try to be nice to your family and stop all that chaos mess, because life is to short. old ms. johnson is in the book, please do not call me with hogwash only the important stuff!
    Ms. mae johnson here!

  25. Hello their:) My name is Ms. Kimberly Rhem A.K.A. Lady Survivor. I would like to invite anyone who have questions about my story. The source to my story is my rapist, my sister and i. My story is the truth and i have help numbers of people become survivors through my story. I am a Avid child abuse awareness advocate! You are welcome to my first live show.




    Call in to speak with host (Lady Survivor)
    MAY 5, 2012
    Audience call in# (646) 915-9217


    Host {Lady Survivor} Will educate and share with audience why releasing the anger and resentment we hold towards those who have hurt us to the core of our heart. How we can renew our purpose and refresh our passion for living.

    Living in Bondage of Lies & Secrets because your family and friend can’t accept the truth! If you need to speak to me and ask question before my show, you are welcome to hear from the only source. Which is Lady Survivor!

    ​For More Information:) 856-295-2329
    Email: Queenannateegah2@gmail.com

    Thank You and have a bless day:)
    Ms. Kimberly Rhem A.K.A. Lady Survivor


    The Healing Has Begun, Matthew West *lyrics!*
    The Healing Has Begun, Matthew West..

  26. This is quite a peanut gallery. Everybody here seems to have an expert opinion. Instead of pointing fingers and being inflammatory, let me just say that none of you are in a position to judge Ms Rhem. In her defense, when she and I spoke she didn’t seem egotistical or attention seeking. I enjoyed the conversation, she seemed believable and genuine. I cannot attest to the accuracy of her story, but having worked with trauma victims myself, all I’m saying is back off. If she’s telling the truth, so be it. If not, God will be her judge.

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