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June 29, 2012

Just three days after being accused of abusing his step son and being sued for $5 million, the alleged victim James’ stepson and Cheryl’s son, D’erick Davenport, made a statement on his Facebook page. Here is what he had to say: “Look I know nobody will read this but my name is Derick Davenport and I was recently on the news. Whatever u are hearing about James Fortune is not true and I know from experience so stop opening ur mouth and saving stuff about him and my mom. I’m telling everyone now plz leave my family alone”.

Well there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth! It looks like a case of somebody seeing too many number one hits on the charts. What do y’all think?

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  1. Surely u don’t believe this kid voluntarily wrote this. It so happens that he’s with his mom for visitation this weekend. Last weekend Cheryl and James picked the boy up from Cheryl’s mom’s house, took him to their lawyer to sign a recantation statement and returned him to her mom before his Dad could know about their actions. Hmm!

  2. Hmmm. Wonder why I’m facebook friends with him and I didn’t/don’t see this post. If it was on there it was obviously taken down. More than likely he is not the one that wrote it to begin with.

  3. There is no way that boy voluntarily recanted his story. That was completely inappropriate and underhanded considering the fact he was represented by an attorney. He is 15 for God’s sake, he is still a child and probably does not want to loose the love from his mother which is probably why he recanted his story. What we also need to address is the fact that this woman stayed with a man who abused her child in such a horrible way…how sick is that!

  4. I agree… it did seem like a ploy but how do you know that it is actually the son? Is the account verified?

  5. He is 15 and is free to speak his mind. In fact if he wanted nothing to do with his mom and James he could have told the court and he would not be at their house this summer. But some people just want to believe the worst and have no understanding of grace and redemption if indeed something terrible happened ELEVEN YEARS AGO. Praying for the entire family.

  6. It’s obvious SOMETHING happened 11 years ago that left a young man severely injured and disfigured. It doesn’t matter that it happened ELEVEN YEARS AGO, Justine. Also, who is to say that the facebook post was actually from the victim. It’s so hard for me to understand folks sometimes. Parents have done unspeakable things to their children, and yes, the children still maintains relationships with them. There are women who were raped and molested by their fathers, and will allow their fathers to be around their own children.

    My mother physically abused me as a child, and I had to hide it from my father and grandmother because they would have killed her. When my stepfather would intervene, it would only make it worse for me. When my stepfather would leave for work, before he could pull his car out of the garage, my mother would be punching and slapping me because he had the nerve to defend me. And, guess what folks, I have a relationship with my mother. It has not always been a great one, and only recently became a good one because she finally apologized and asked for forgiveness for the things she did almost 40 years ago.

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