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Fall 2016 is on and poppin’ for Doublexxposure with founder/CEO Angelo Ellerbee taking the world by storm! A fresh faced website, a new radio show ‘Ask Angelo’ on Survival Radio Network 

www.survivethenext365.com and a book to match “Ask Angelo: An Inside Look at the Entertainment Industry from a PR Guru”written by Angelo Ellerbee as told to Gia’na Garel. With both set to launch the second week of October, stay tuned for a SPECIAL ONE DAY PROMO SALE on Amazon. Announcements with details will be sent out along with how to get freebie copies for review on your blog/media outlet.



Inside the riveting pages of PR Guru Angelo Ellerbee’s new book, “Ask Angelo: An Inside Look at the Entertainment Industry From a PR Guru,” he weaves humorously crafted advice to both industry climbers and veterans alike. Through Q&A and intimate war stories (with peeks at some of his most colorful clients and adventures), he delivers an honest glimpse inside the entertainment industry… then and now. Glimpses of him as a black, gay artist/activist in the turbulent 60’s & 70’s, as well as him earning the moniker “The Henry Higgins of Hip Hop” while navigating the tough rap genre throughout the 80’s-90’s and beyond. All while learning his craft and meeting the industry’s who’s who from the inside out.

He explains everything from his tenets of artist development; to why having an ‘OG’ who has been around the block on your team is a wiser choice. The book is cheeky, heartfelt, and at times poignant; other times knee-slappingly real-just like the man himself. It is a compact and nifty toolbox full of titanium nuggets that will add mettle to anyone wanting to know the ins and outs, while avoiding the ups and downs. This mind-stirring masterpiece shows why so many… like Mary J Blige asked Angelo… DMX asked Angelo… Dionne Warwick asked Angelo… Moreover, what his compelling answers can deliver to us all.
Q&A Excerpt: What does it take to survive once you make it in?

     {I teach survival skills to my artists because I think that people need to know how to take care of themselves. Self-preservation is the first law of nature in a business where the laws are written in gold and blood. Many of us get it by what they call ‘paying dues’. Sleeping in your car, eating peanut butter or soup every day of the week to sacrifice for your career, relationships you have to give up… all of that makes you grittier for sure blp you survive. If a man is in a disaster, they say he will fight harder to live when he has something to live for. He has to want it bad. You can want fame, money, and success but you have to want to LIVE too. Wanting it and doing the things consistent with it may not be the same action though. If you indulge in everything that is bound to kill you and also dump the stress of trying to make it on top, what are you odd

s even when you want it so bad?
     At some point I tell those urban hustler-turned-artists to put the 40 ounce beers down, sweep the blunts off your nightstand, tell your entourage to get the hell out, and get serious about making it even if you’re a young rapper starting out with no ‘dues paid’. Is there a future for them? Only time will tell but they have to make it out first. Live to tell the tale and rhyme another day. Therefore, I encourage artists in my workshops to apply the same drive my mother pushed into me-to survive because you have to. Not just because you need to keep the gravy train fed, but because life is to be lived for the artist long after he drops the mic.}

Support for the book from some of the firm’s legendary roster includes an appearance between Ellerbee and Ms. Warwick on Black Enterprise TV.
Ask Angelo
Ask Angelo
Media appearances for Angelo Ellerbee are scheduled throughout the remainder of September and on through October & November. Book signings and lectures will follow on into the New Year.


The radio show airs on October 15th with Live Call In – 917 932-1078 every Thursday from 10-11 AM where listeners get to ‘Ask Angelo’ themselves and join in the conversation. Celebrity guests alongside up and coming artists and community leaders will make for one riveting weekly show. Be sure to tune in and call in as well.
Expect a relaunch of the website at www.Dxxnyc.com coming up as well, where you can get even more insights as new activities are updated.


For interview contact Doublexxposure Media Relations direct: (201) 224-6570

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