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Ky’Asia Walker Debuts Her First Docu-Series “Queen In Me.”

(New York, NY ­ August 3, 2016)
What is a queen? Webster’s Dictionary explains that a queen is the female ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth. Also a queen is the most powerful chess piece that each player has. Strength and power is what I experienced as I listened to each woman’s story involved in “The Queen in Me” campaign. The question then presents itself, who can be a queen? Well that’s what this campaign is all about. To inspire, to lift up, and empower young black women to tap into the queen in the inside! The purpose of “The Queen in Me” movement is to celebrate young black queens that have endured challenges in life, but are still determined to reach their destiny.
Creator of "Queen in Me" KyAsia Walker, and Executive Producer, Ashley Christopher.

Creator of “Queen in Me” KyAsia Walker, and Executive Producer, Ashley Christopher.

Ky’Asia Walker, daughter of Hezekiah Walker; who is a popular American gospel music artist and pastor of prominent Brooklyn New York mega church, Love Fellowship Tabernacle; is the founder of this campaign. Ky’Asia states “My goal is to inspire a generation. I want to show them that you can make your dreams happen with God’s direction, purpose, hard work, and determination. I want more Black women to embrace the inner Queen that God has placed inside them.”


The diversity in this campaign is probably the most exciting aspect to me. With different looks, features, and stories any young girl today can find a relatable queen; from Brittany Nicole’s story of life defeats turned into victory, to Ajanee Hambrick’s story of living in her truth, to listening to Ashley Christopher’s wisdom. Somewhere in the midst of everyone’s story you could see yourself.



The unity is another aspect that stood out. Each young lady who attended, respectfully listened to each other stories and learned about each other. Each woman who attended came with intentions to support, encourage, and empower each other.

Each lady was asked why they felt they were a queen. Kaiatana Teel answer stood out with strength, “I am a queen because I finally know who I am. No longer do I look for approval from others; no longer do I look for validation. That was the old me. Today, I am different, today, I am a Queen.”

Candid Shot

With plans and dreams to fulfill, each queen expresses the will power to complete their tasks in life. Ky’Asia dream is being completed in this very campaign. This campaign’s potential exceeds what it is today. It will continue to grow providing women with the platform to express different circumstances that have transpired in their lives, with stories of triumph.

Bria McDaniels closing shows the strength that each woman has the potential to tap into. She tapped into her inner queen and states “What makes me a queen is my ambition. I refuse to see my dreams as too big or too far to achieve. I know that if God placed them in my heart, than it’s attainable and reachable. I’m ready to work hard and to conquer what’s mine”.

That’s the definition of a queen, and that’s what this campaign is about. Be on the lookout for this campaign. Video coming soon.

10 Queens and The Queen Bee, Ky'Asia Walker (Center), strike a pose for this groundbreaking photo shoot and documentary.

10 Queens and The Queen Bee, Ky’Asia Walker (Center), strike a pose for this groundbreaking photo shoot and documentary.


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