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By Hasan James, Editor-In-Chief- Root Magazine

Pastor Greg Locke is most known as the controversial pastor who helped Trump win the White House and thought COVID-19 was a hoax. Today he is known as creator and producer of a new documentary film, “Come Out in Jesus Name.” The title alone could be intimidating to the average movie goer, but Locke isn’t too worried about that. “This movie will be life changing and I’m excited to see what the Lord is gonna do with it. I think it is something that the church desperately needs in this hour,” says Locke.

Some of the film’s co-stars include New York pastors Alexander Pagani and Mike Signorelli, who are also referred to as the “Demon Slayers.” Pagani is a BRONX, NY native who was a juvenile delinquent in his formative years, but found the Lord while in prison. He’s also best selling author of “The Secrets to Deliverance: Defeat the Toughest Cases of Demonic Bondage.” 

“It started off as a revelation in our living room in Washington Heights in New York City, turned into a book, and then the book became the catalyst for Greg Locke’s theological transformation,” says Pagani. 

Prior to Locke’s deliverance transformation, he was a straight by the book kind of pastor who preached about Jesus and went home. But it was an encounter with a church attendee who he says had a demon that changed his theological perspective.

“This person came up to the pulpit for prayer and started rolling all over the floor and I had no clue what to do and I was embarrassed,” said Locke. He began doing research on deliverance and cam across Pagani’s book on the topic, thus Come Out in Jesus Name was born.

The documentary film was done in an unprecedented six months, as filming began in September 2022 and includes 88 minutes of testimonies, teaching, and perspective all on deliverance. 

“There’s a lot of pastors telling me that we don’t need deliverance and that we’re overhyping this and I said that they have the luxury of believing that because the devil is staying hidden in their church. Come to New York City where you have people using drugs on every corner,” says Signorelli. 

Can one easily separate the the insurrection of the Trump train from the resurrection of Jesus and all that comes with it? You be the judge. 

Come Out in Jesus name, ONLY in select theaters Monday, March 13th! 


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