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(Los Angeles, CA)  The name CeCe Winans is synonymous with brotherly love and unity, but recently the gospel music legend came under fire for a COVID-19 PSA that was later linked by Politico, to the White House Administration. Winans interview with Surgeon General Jerome Adams was strictly focused on the virus and the role of Americans to promote safe practices and help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.  

Winans has a long standing history of remaining non-political, especially, during election year.  She has performed for both Republican and Democratic sitting presidents and a host of dignitaries.  

Anyone who knows the singer is aware that her heart is always to unite and not divide.  The backlash she received before the PSA ever ran was prompted by the use of her image and likeness in the Politico article. Dr. A.R Bernard, Pastor of Christian Cultural Center will host an IG Live interview with CeCe Winans to set the record straight about this unfortunate turn of events on Tuesday, 

September 29 at 4pm/CST and 5pm/EST

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