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Film: Canal Street

Director: Rhyan LaMarr

Executive Producer: Dr. Eric Garnes

Reviewer: Hasan James

As if the death of his mother and the abrupt relocation from the slums of the south side to the suburbs of Chicago wasn’t enough, Kholi Styles (played brilliantly by Byshere Gray), must learn the hard way that as a black man in America, you are guilty before proven innocent.

Canal Street is a apropos movie that masterfully addresses an all too common problem in America- being guilty for just being black. After the mysterious death of a former nemesis, Kholi finds himself on trial for a crime he did not commit, but has to fight for his life with his father by his side, literally. Kholi’s dad, Jackie Styles, is an up-and-coming attorney who makes it his life’s mission to do whatever it takes to prove his son’s innocence. However, he needs more than a solid case and alibi to state the obvious to not just the jury, but the world.

With a lot of twists and turns, accusations and innuendos; this film is a must see, as everyone can relate to this story of ridicule and ultimately redemption.

Canal Street is a perfect fusion of drama and faith, with enough grit to keep the audience intrigued. It addresses sex, money and murder without being misogynistic and has a solid cast with the likes of Mykelti Williamson (Forrest Gump, ATL, Con Air, Fences), Kevin Quinn (Chicago P.D.), Woody McClain (New Edition & Bobby Brown Story), Harry Lennix (The Five Heartbeats, Stomp The Yard, The Black List) and Mekhi Phifer (Soul Food, Paid in Full, 8 Mile).

The film will be released nationwide in September 2018.

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