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Gerald Scott is a gospel preacher, singer, songwriter, and musician in Nashville, Tennessee. He serves in ministry at Mt. Zion Baptist Church under the leadership of Bishop Joseph Walker III.  A Washington, DC native, Gerald began singing and playing the organ in church at a young age, and was graced with opportunities to work with legends and many artists in many genres of music.
Becoming an artist of his own, he has had radio charting singles such as “You Can’t Stop My Praise,” “Alright,” “The God We Serve” and a song with global impact “Any Day Now”- which was recorded again by Ricky Dillard and Be Be Winans. On July 27th, he presents to us his next musical rendering, “neXtlevel.”
A body of work combining traditional gospel, funk and quartet sounds, rounded out by stirring worship ballads that make this record a complete body of work. “Its a new sound for me, because it’s authentically me. For the first time, God is allowing me to make the music I’ve always wanted to hear from myself,” says Scott about the process of being free to pull a record of this magnitude together.
Features include Sunday’s Best finalist, Clifton Ross III,  Leah Clark Leach and quartet singing sensation Lisa Knowles-Smith. Scott’s latest offering will also feature D.C.’s premiere Go Go band- Backyard Band, as they round out the plethora of features that make this record full and appealing to all listeners.
The lead single “Jesus On My Side” provides a sound the listener can literally dance to outside of the confines of the church. neXtlevel presents a new sound that will entice listeners to expand what they think gospel music should sound like, without abandoning the familiar sound that they grew up listening to. “My goal was to be me, every part of me, the best version of me.”
neXtlevel will be available on all musical platforms on Friday, July 27, 2018. Take your music selection to the neXtlevel by pre-ordering and purchasing this album.

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