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Artist: Jor’dan Armstrong


Label: Good Guys/Power Moves Productions

Reviewer: Hasan James


What I love about the new generation of gospel music is that the participants are young,  fearless and innovative; serving God in their way  and making no apologies about it. Brittney Wright, Livre, Jonathan McReynolds, Jai and Deon Kipping are all apart of this new generation as is, Jor’dan Armstrong!

Fresh off the heels of his mixtape, Jesus, Beats and Fashion, Jor’dan delivers his second full length release, STRONGER; a youthful mixture of Pop, Dance, R&B, Dance, Reggae and Gospel all in one sitting. On STRONGER, Jor’dan delivers some of his best work; work that is reminiscent of anything that you would hear on mainstream radio, Rihanna, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Usher and Ne-Yo; you will hear it all on STRONGER.  The production on the album is top notch and can stand toe to toe with anything on the Billboard’s Top 200.

Jor’dan starts the record with I’m Down, which teams him up with Dee-1, Canton Jones and Jai. The song is gritty and melodic and definitely gets the record off to a great start, with each artist playing their position and waiting patiently to show off their skills in Jesus name. On Stay Clean, he cleverly sings “Every single day people always ask me, how I live this life and how I stay so clean, this is what I tell them it ain’t about my jeans, I rock a true religion, but I’m talking bout the king, I get it from my Mama she always used to tell me, if you aint got no money, boy you  gotta stay clean, like a young Obama, Martin Luther King, if you wanna be somebody this is what I mean, stay clean, I always gotta stay clean.”

Tropicana, So In Love and Love If You Wanna sound like identical triplets and are sure to be included on workout playlists across America. In case you’re wondering, there is no album fillers here, STRONGER is true to the title and is sure to entice the youth with catchy hooks, great beats and gospel music that even the toughest thug would find himself bouncing his head to.

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