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May 6, 2014

By Hasan James

Last Thursday (5/1/14), Hezekiah Walker and LFC appeared on the Arsenio Hall Show and sang their #1 Billboard hit, “Every Praise.” It has been confirmed that Walker’s performance on Arsenio was the second highest rated show since the show’s resurgence last September, garnering over two million viewers.  Not only did Walker perform, he was also interviewed by the legendary talk show host, who after 20 years decided to return to late night. “Every Praise” was the #1 gospel song in America for six months straight and remains in the top five.

Hezekiah Walker Sings “Every Praise” On Arsenio Hall Show

The song has also been the talk of many news outlets over the past month due to young Willie Myrick’s heroic story of being kidnapped and singing “Every Praise” for hours until his abductor set him free.

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