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Terrafugia Transition: Flying Plane costs $194,000

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

by Robert Hasan James

Remember watching “The Jetsons” on television and seeing the flying cars navigate across the TV screen? Back then, the mere thought of a flying automobile in real life was absurd. Fast Forward 50 years and absurdity is one step closer to becoming a reality. The Terrafugia Transition is a 1,320 pound vehicle that can serve as a car as well as a “light aircraft”.

“The truth is, until the vehicle actually flies, 75% of your risk is at first flight” stated one of the engineers right before flying off into the sunset. The outcome? Mission accomplished! The Terrafugia flew like a charm and already had 70 enthusiasts  leave a hefty deposit without hesitation. For a wealthy person, the cost of this car/plane is only chump change, starting at the low price of  $194,000. All you need is 20 hours of flying time and you’re good to go! I mean come on, can you really put a price tag on being able to park your plane in your drive way?

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