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August 22, 2011

by Hasan James

Last night’s episode of Sunday Best was indeed a shocker and had Twitter and Facebook on fire! From the start, eyebrows were raised with the selection of Broadway songs that the final three contestants had to sing. Now, I am all for versatility and I am not trying to be deep, but if the show is called Sunday Best wouldn’t it make more sense to tackle a song from Mahalia Jackson then it would a song by Rodgers and Hammerstein? Naturally, I get that it is all about ratings but I think that the “unchurch” would appreciate it more if Sunday Best was more true to the name and represent what we do on Sunday. Anything other than, can be seen on American Idol.

With that being said, after belting out two songs a piece, the Sunday Best finalists are again down to two women. Now, I am not saying that a man should be in the finale as some sort of pity party but Michael Pugh from Brooklyn, NY was one of the better singers in this year’s competition and he was sent home packing. We all know that Amber Bullock is one of the most skilled singers that the Sunday Best franchise has ever seen and will go far, but is Andrea Helms really a Sunday Best contender? Andrea does have a beautiful and angelic voice and she is an anointed singer but Sunday’s Best?

One thing is for sure, Andrea Helms is set to be the next Amy Grant or Martha Munizzi of the gospel music industry and will sell more records than any previous winner of Sunday Best and she may even beat Amber Bullock for the coveted title of Sunday Best. My question is….will there ever be a male Sunday Best winner?

Who is your pick for Sunday’s Best?


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  1. My God
    why can’t we keep a Gospel show Gospel?
    Also WHY was Andrea Helms family (husband) showcase and not the other contestants?????????????????????

    When will we learn to respect our own?

  2. I would like to know why Michael Paugh was sent home when he only missed up a little in one of the two songs he sang. Andrea messed up in both of the songs she sang and is still there it just don’t seem right. When mama Sue messed up once she was sent home and she was the best singer there besides Paugh.I really don’t think that the judges made the right decision in their selection of the singer, I do’t think they were fair to Paugh.

  3. I’ve blogged on so many sites now I think I’ve gotten it out of my system how upset I was that Michael Pugh was voted out; now all I feel is pity for the judges because obviously they sell records but don’t have a true understanding of gospel and what it is not. It is not broadway hits, wedding songs, or cross-over music. If the world wants to listen to so be it, but why do we continually try to pass off the world’s way for God’s way? If we are saying we are seeking to find the best gospel singer America has to offer, of what was presented this season, why isn’t Michael there? He displays a true annointing from the Holy Spirit that takes his talent beyond mere entertainment to sharing the love of God and except for that darn broadway and wedding song that is exactly what Michael did everytime he opened his mouth. I was so devastated whe they made that singer from Alabama (who was very evidently a gospel singer and child of God) sing that secular song “At Last”. Although she did it well, she was so out of her element and it was down-right almost sacriligious. At some point, we are going to have to stop playing church and turning off God when we want to do our thang, or God is not wanted around for what we are about to get into. In losing Michael and Mama Sue, for me there is no reason to watch-there is no Sunday Best left. What a pity. I don’t think I will watch this sadness next season.

  4. I really love this show,i can laugh cry and enjoy it because i no its real ,after al nice day at church and still feeling it you come home and wait on this show God will carrying you though the week,no matter what comes up you just have to love the Lord all of he singers was great.

  5. Oh Dee, how do I agree.

    I am so tired of the gospel world selling out for favor from the networks, the media, and to the world. We are called to be separate why must we continue to settle.
    I know this show has an entertainment value imposed on it as well, but I certainly do not understand how Broadway fits into the gospel arena?

    There is nothing wrong with crossing racial boundaries but we don’t need to loose sight of truth in the process!
    Showing the husband of Andrea Helms at every camera op is so overplayed!
    Yes this lady has a nice voice but there is no way she should be in the finalist lineup.
    It is obvious the agenda of Sunday Best is not that of what it should be, based upon it’s titled name.

    But my prayer and hope is continual that we get it as saints of the most high God, and truly begin to realize that the glory belongs to Him and Him alone and whenever anything or anyone else is exalted God takes a back seat!
    Is that what we want?
    Wake up Saints!!!

  6. My family and I were utterly surprised that they did Broadway songs that episode. Who’s misguided idea was THAT?!

    Despite Sunday Best being presented on a black-centered television station (and the fact that I am myself black), Andrea Helms is clearly the best in the competition. I was shocked to see Mr. Pughs be sent home, even if those were not his best performances of the show. My family predicted from the very beginning that Andrea would make the finals and possibly even win. I am sure that this prediction will come to pass.

    P.S. – About your comment on Andrea and respecting our own: It seems that someone working on Sunday Best has a little bit too much respect, eh? Or maybe that accident with showing Amber’s number when Andrea was singing – causing people to call for Andrea and the votes to be given to Amber – was just that: an accident.

  7. (Dee)
    When will we learn that we are people of God, and stop pointing out things of the world, what do you mean respect our own, those are things people who don’t know God would say, and comments and negativity like that, is why Gospel shows can’t stay Gospel.

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