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Zak Williams & 1/Akord- “Things Are Gonna Get Better”
Reviewer: Robert Hasan James

In today’s Gospel music industry, there seems to be such a lack of good choir music. Even most of the choirs we all grew up listening to have either faded into obscurity or have slowly but surely turned into groups and ensembles. Zak Williams and 1/Akord is not only keeping choir robes alive but the choir sound is prevalent in their latest project, “Things Are Gonna Get Better” (Global Entertainment Group). This project marks Williams follow-up to his first album, “Declaration” (1/A Music) and his first national release. The album begins with the Estee Bullock (Souled Out) penned “Testimony” and from first listen you know that it is about to be an hour long Praise Party! The title track and lead single has that classic East Coast choir sound and sticks to Zak and 1/A’s Philadelphia roots. While “Oh Lift Him Up” is the “sleeper track” of the album with its smooth and melodic sound, not necessarily 1/Akord’s style but definitely has radio potential reminiscent of Forever Jones’ “He Wants It All”. “No Weapon” is most likely the song that the choir is best known, as it was featured on their first offering but this go round it is more polished.

If you are a lover of choirs like I am, this album is a must have. I think it is safe to say that Zak Williams & 1/Akord will soon be known throughout the East Coast, West Coast and Worldwide!

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