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July 12, 2010.

by Robert Hasan James

Pray for McLemore’s speedy recovery

Please pray for the Gospel community at large. Yesterday we lost the legendary Walter Hawkins and today Singer/Songwriter Shawn Mclemore suffered a massive heart attack upon his return from the AIM convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Shawn’s wife confirmed that although he is in Intensive Care, he is recovering fine in a Houston, Texas hospital. Please continue to pray for the Mclemore family.

In addition to his solo work, Shawn McLemore is best known for his guest appearances on albums from John P. Kee and Hezekiah Walker.

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  1. Hi this is Sahwn Mlemore I want to thank everyone for their prayers it was all I had as a bed of assurance,yes God is a healer and he won’t fail.

  2. Hey, I’m down south and i’m trying to reach you. i don’t think you have my number. (661)349-0241. I want to go to that church event that’s coming up. Call me, let’s chop it up. And I’m glad to know you are doing better. God is our doctor.. Our healer.. Our Lawyer.. He is at our defense. Happy Holidays to you and the family.

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