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by Robert Hasan James

Root Magazine: From the time I received your album, I have been listening to it ever since. It is really a great album.
Travis Greene: Thanks.
Root Magazine: For a new artist, I must say that this album is really good. How would you describe your sound?
Travis Greene: My sound can be described as a soulful Hillsong type of sound…very electric, very Christian Rock. That’s how I would describe it.
Root Magazine: I am sure you don’t pattern yourself after too many people  but your sound is very similar to that of Tye Tribbett.
Travis Greene: I get that a lot. I love Tye!
Root Magazine: Who are some of your other influences?
Travis Greene: I love Israel Houghton, Hillsong, David Crowder is one of my favorites, I absolutely love him. Those are some of my favorite artists right now.
Root Magazine: Those are all amazing CCM artists.
Travis Greene: Absolutely! I listen to a lot of CCM music.
Root Magazine: In reading your bio, your story is like no other I’ve heard before. Tell our readers how you literally almost died twice.
Travis Greene: Absolutely!  My story began when I came out still born. I wasn’t breathing and my entire body was purple. I don’t know how long I wasn’t breathing but the Doctor said right then that I was dead and my parents began praying and God gave me back my life the first time. At the age of four, I was in Germany sitting on a window seal and I accidently fell. By the time my mother got to my body, a crowd had started gathering. I fell four stories. There was a hospital located across the street and two doctors walked out at the same time this occurred so they saw what happened and  rushed over to me in an effort to revive me. After recognizing that I was lifeless, they pulled a white sheet over me and pronounced me dead on the spot. My mother got to my body and prayed and the third time she screamed out “The Blood of Jesus” and God gave me back my life. 3 days later after leaving the hospital, I began to tell my parents what happened. As I fell out of the window, right before I hit the ground, a man with a big hand caught me.After that I fell into some very bright clouds. I couldn’t see a face but I just heard a voice saying that I could either go home with my mother or go home with him. I said I wanted my mom. Right before that ended, I looked up and I said excuse me sir what is your name and he said my name is Jesus. That was 22 years ago and there is no doubt in my mind that God is in existence and that His power is real.
Root Magazine: You are here for a reason. I see that you are very much involved in saving our planet, as we all should be. Tell us about the “Green Effect” project you are involved in.
Travis Greene: “Go Green” is all about recycling and being more knowledgeable about pollution and doing our part to help the environment. Doing positive things as simple as recycling bottles can help save our planet. I realize that millions of plastic bottles are thrown away every hour in America and that is crazy.We are putting animals lives at risk. For years I never payed attention to that stuff. Going green is very important and I think more people should take part in saving our planet. As Christians, I think it’s our job to do everything to save creation. Its part of God’s creation so we have to do our part and be a helping hand.
Root Magazine: Where are you from?
Travis Greene: I am originally from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina but I was raised in Georgia.
Root Magazine: The record label that signed you, Pendulum Records, has created so many Gold and Platinum acts. I remember growing up listening to groups like Digable Planets and Lords of the Underground. That’s how I know about Pendulum Records. Now, they’ve branched off into the Gospel arena. How do you plan to conitnue the legacy that they have going on over there?
Travis Greene: I feel like it is a divine conneciton. It’s like you said, they had so much success in the secular venue. To be honest with you, a lot of the teams that are working around me are veterans. From the Bad Boy dynasty, Arista & Universal, they have worked for everybody. I have this caliber of people pushing my Gospel project so I feel like it is definitely God ordained. Peoples lives are being changed in the process as well. So, I am excited about Pendulum I am excited about working with Ruben Rodriguez, a man who has had success not only in secular but  in Gospel as well with Regina Belle and Greg O’Quin. Its an exciting opportunity.
Root Magazine: Now, tell us a bit about your album?
Travis Greene: The album is out and the title is “Stretching Out”. It’s a little bit of everything on there from Praise and Worship to Contemporary to Gospel.
Root Magazine: Do you have a website?
Travis Greene: Absolutlely, www.travisgreene.net, I’m on www.Myspace.com/travisgreenemusic, www.facebook.com/travisgreenestuff, www.youtube.com/travisgreenetv and www.twitter.com/Travis Greene. So I am all over the web.
Root Magazine: Thank you for you time I really appreciate it. The project is great.
Travis Greene: I really appreciate it and I am glad to speak with you.
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  1. Wow that iz an amazing story. May God keep blessing us u continue to bless us with ur music.. O and a song abt ur story I kno would sound awesome 🙂

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