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Jason Nelson

Friday, April 23, 2010
Baltimore, MD
Jason Nelson is a singer’s singer and although he hasn’t gotten his just due as of yet, after his next album “Shifting the Atmosphere” is released, we will all be made into believers. Jason andhis wife Tonya are both very humble people and they don’t know it yet but they are my new favorite couple. 🙂 Jason’s 2nd LIVE Recording took place at Greater Bethlehem Temple where he is the Senior Pastor. The recording was packed to capacity (well over 1,500) as the city of Baltimore showed “Mad Love” to the man of the hour. There were also hundreds more in the overflow room in the basement area of the church. Naturally, Jason’s twin brother and his wife were there to support as well as such notables as: Lil Mo, Pastor Lamar Simmons, Marcus Cole of Commissioned, Da Truth, Holla Walla and many others. The evening started with an uptempo track entitled “God Is Good” and from that point on the crowd got up and never sat back down. The song “Jubilee” is a feel good song that is sure to be a favorite amongst Praise & Worship teams across the world as the drive of the song simply says “INCREASE” with so much power and authority that the Reprise was an additional ten minutes! Throughout the evening the worship just got more intense and Jason and his background singers (who were so phenomenal that my staff and I thought for a moment that they were singing over a track) started singing a song entitled “Dominion”. Ladies and Gentleman, this song is like nothing you have ever heard and when you hear it you will understand what I am talking about. The praise was so high after the song “Dominion” that Jason just handed the mic to his dad, Bishop Nelson, and the recording indeed SHIFTED….
Root: I first want to say Congratulations on this recording, it was a great worship experience. I have to tell you, this is one of the best recordings I’ve been to in a long time. I like all ten songs and that is very rare.
Jason Nelson: WOW. Thank you so much.
Root: Who did you work with on this album as far as writers and producers? I know that you are a prolific songwriter in your own right so did you write most of the songs?
Jason Nelson: I did write most of the songs along with my producer Dana. My wife Tonya actually wrote a song with me as well. Also, one of my background singers by the name of John Ball wrote the song “Dominion”.
Root: That song is your winner right there!
Jason Nelson: Yes it is!
Root: You also did the song “Don’t Count Me Out” that is also on Marvin Sapp’s current album and although you and Marvin have the same register, you made the song your own. Did you write that song as well?
Jason Nelson: Yes, I wrote that song too.
Root: OK, that explains why you wanted to do it yourself. It is definitely a powerful song that you will be getting two checks for!
Jason Nelson: HALLELUJAH!!! (Laughter)
Root: This means you will be receiving checks from both ends! You can’t be mad at that.
Jason Nelson: Yes sir! God is good!
Root: When should we expect the release of this next album?
Jason Nelson: Late summer, early September is when we are trying to do it.
Root: What label will this new project be on?
Jason Nelson: I’m definitely doing the independent thing.
Root: Are you looking to sign with a major label?
Jason Nelson: At this point, No. We are looking for distribution but I definitely do not want to be signed to a major label because I like the freedom that I have being independent as opposed to being stuck and not having too much control. It’s so much politics when it comes to labels.
Root: We know that this is your second recording. How does this recording differ from your first offering?
Jason Nelson: I think this album has a greater reach. The first album was geared to a certain audience whereas this album has a broader reach. A lot of people liked the first album and others just didn’t get it.
Root: I see what you mean. There are two songs in particular that I see going to the CCM market and there are other songs that are great for gospel radio.
Jason Nelson: Absolutely! We tried to make it diverse yet poignant.
Root: Poignant it is! The writing and the quality of the songs on this album is top notch. I don’t think people are ready.
Jason Nelson: Thank you. I appreciate that.
Root: Do you feel that you are somewhat in the shadow of your twin brother Jonathan?
Jason Nelson: Yeah but I don’t mind at all. You can bill me as Jonathan Nelson’s twin brother all day long and I’ll take it!
Root: What is your favorite song from your upcoming album?
Jason Nelson: WOW, that’s hard. I love “Jubilee”. The song “No Words” really speaks to me. “Shifting the Atmosphere”. I mean, depending on the day of the week it is determines what song is for you on that particular day.
Root: What do you think your ultimate purpose in life is?
Jason Nelson: WOW!!! That is tough to question. I would say it’s multi-faceted. I know for certain that I was created to be a Pastor. I also believe that part of my assignment is to show people how to get into the presence of GOD to help them navigate life so that “LIFE” does not keep them from the presence. That’s my purpose…

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  1. I thank GOD for leading me to know such a man! The recording was something that I will never forget! All Glory goes to GOD because He certainly worked and shined through Jason Nelson on April 23rd!!!!
    Can’t wait for the album to come out!!!!
    Love, Peace, and Blessings!

  2. Pastor Nelson is an awesome worshipper- his worship is so pure and anointed. If you have never heard him live, I encourage you to do so. The anointing over his life flows right through the music when he sings. He is a gift to the Body of Christ.

  3. Jason would you say you was inspired when you wrote Shifting The Atmosphere did you hear the music
    first or did you hear another song with the words and music that was similar.A lot of artist today for some
    reason don’t be very original or creative.Do you own this song and are you with a major label today.I love
    the song especially the music.

  4. Hey pastor jason nelson im a pastor kid my name is jarielle matthews im from texas. ur song have change my life shifting the atomphere i wanted to give up bt god ur song blessd me

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