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Artist: Israel & New Breed

Label: Integrity Music Group

Reviewer: Nicole Heyward


When you think of an Israel & New Breed project, one thing is for certain, Jesus is in the front, in the middle and at the center, every single time. On their latest offering, JESUS AT THE CENTER, the instrumentation, content, delivery, vocals and arrangements will leave you mesmerized and made the five years since their last LIVE recording well worth the wait.

True to Israel & New Breed form, the project immediately takes us into high energy on praise tunes like “Jesus the Same,” “More than Enough” and “No Turning Back”, whose sound is colored beautifully with melodic strings and horns. The listener will even get a dose of some Latin-pop in “Te Amo”, which features award-winning artist, T-Bone. Towards the close of the first disc, the album transitions to beautiful ballads (“Overflow,” “I Call You Jesus”), preparing us for worship; which is what many would say Israel & New Breed are at their best. When the sound of the title track, “Jesus At the Center”, comes out of the speakers, you know you’ve reached the turning point of the album and that disc two is going to take you deeper into God’s presence.

INSTANT WORSHIP best describes what Israel & New Breed is anointed to do. From the very first note, you immediately feel God and a connection that just makes you want to stay right in that moment (think of Alpha & Omega). Disc two of JESUS AT THE CENTER is FULL of those moments, especially in “Speechless,” and“ It’s Not Over”, which reminds you to speak: “When God is in it, there is no limit. When God is in it, it’s not over” and let’s not forget “Your Presence is Heaven” which is a song you just have to hear for yourself to receive a worship experience like no other.

JESUS AT THE CENTER is yet another reason why people from all walks of life gravitate to the ministry of Israel and New Breed, as they have literally set the bar for what praise & worship music has become. And while Israel didn’t disappear from the music scene these past few years (The Power of One; Love God. Love People), there’s simply nothing like an Israel & New Breed production.

JESUS AT THE CENTER hits stores nationwide on 8/14/12 and was recorded at Houston’s Lakewood Church (Pastors Joel & Victoria Osteen).

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