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R3 (Root Record Review)

Artist: Erica Campbell

Album: HELP

Label: My Block/eOne

Reviewer: Torin Derek


Not doubting her separate vocal abilities, I was more or less apprehensive when  listening to Erica Campbell’s first solo project entitled “Help”. In various cases, you  can never tell how a solo artist would sound once they separate from the group where you’ve grown to love them. After listening to Erica Campbell’s  first solo project, I must say that I am tremendously pleased with the finished product. Listening to track after track, I felt as if I were on a train ride full of soulful pop and jazz  tunes that took me from 70’s era to present day. From the first track “The Question”, Erica opened up with a sound mixed with two totally different genres; pop and classical, both of which had a fusion like no other and honestly  gave me chills as the song began to build. The following track “You Are” took me to tunes reminiscent of Elton John at the height of his popularity; think “Bennie and The Jets”. However, it’s the disco-infused “Nobody Else” influenced heavily from Michael Jackson’s “Off The Wall” album, that will definitely make you put on a pair of roller skates while you move to the beat and think about all that God has done.

Thereafter, each song had its own flavor and fusion of genres and musical eras. From its thought provoking and eye catching album cover to the title track, “Help”, this offering has the makings of an award winning  project. In case you were wondering, this album does not place Erica Campbell in the shadows of her sisterly duo “Mary Mary”, but in fact places her on her own stage with her own mic singing about her God in her own way.

Other Stand Out Tracks:

Looking Like, More Than A Lover and I’m A Fan

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