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Artist: Amber Bullock

Album: So In Love

Label: Music World Ent.

Reviewer: Hasan James


Just seven months after her #1 debut EP, “Thank You”, Season 4 Sunday Best winner Amber Bullock is back with her first full length aptly titled “So In Love”. Produced by singer/songwriter/producer, P.J. Morton, Amber is totally in her element from the start of the first track, “Lord You’ve Been So Good”. Her jazzy vocals match perfectly with the live production and definitely sets the tone for the rest of the album. “Done For Me”  is a mid-tempo feel good track that pairs Amber with Kirk Franklin in a beautiful way, while the title track “So In Love” reggae infused production is a pleasant surprise and one of the most solid tracks on the album. “Second Chances” is a song about people who go through life and forget about God and simply asks the question, “What if there were no second chances, what if forgive me was never answered”? This love ballad, as I like to call it, showcases Amber’s ability to sing beautifully without all of the runs and riffs we are used to hearing.

One of the highlights of the album come on track Number Five entitled “Changed”. “Changed”, written by P.J. Morton and Josiah Martin, features the amazing vocals of Isaac Carree and is the one and only feature on the album. The biggest shocker of the album comes on track Number Six, “Yes”. On BET’s Sunday Best, Amber was only allowed to sing certain songs, therefore, fans were not able to see her full range as an artist. However, on “Yes” Bullock sings over a bangin’ Hip Hop track like a pro, without compromising her signature sound.

The number seven is known as the number of completion, and ironically this track is where Amber is most in her element. Vocally and musically, this song reminds the listener of the type of sound we were introduced to when we first fell in love with Amber. “Take It Back” is an 1980’s inspired club jam that you can easily work out to and get a message of God’s grace and mercy all at the same time. “Ruler” is a praise and worship anthem that chorus boasts, “You are my life, my testimony, y0u are so awesome, you are holy, you are my God, you are my King, ruler of everything”. Praise and Worship teams across the globe will be singing this song, mark my words. As the old saying goes, “Save the best for last” and on track Number Ten, that saying could not be more fitting. “Same God” will most likely not be a radio hit, however, Amber Bullock orchestrates this song like no one else can, singing every line with precision and clarity. “Same God” is a song that sounds as if Twinkie Clark wrote it 30 years ago, however, the beautiful lyrics came from the pen of Amber Bullock herself, showcasing her amazing songwriting abilities.

I very seldom do a track by track album review on any artist, however, Amber Bullock hit it out of the park wit her full length debut. The production by PJ Morton and the writing from Amber and others is remarkable. The versatility on this album is what makes it so special and proves why Amber Bullock was named Sunday Best. “So In Love” is a must have in your music collection.

*At press time, “So In Love” debuted at #3 on the Billboard Gospel Album Chart.

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