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R3- Root Record Review

Artist: Brother Hahz

Title: A Work In Progress: The FixTape, Volume 1

Label: Independent

Reviewer: Hasan James 

This former Jay-Z protegee is a making quite a name for himself in the gospel arena. In 2009, he was featured on the hand clapping song “Let The Word Do The Work”, featured on Donald Lawrence’s Law of Confession, Part 1 album. That feature took Brother Hahz all over the country and his style of Hip-Hop has been well received by young and old alike.

Hahz latest project, A Work In Progress, The FixTape, Volume 1, is classic Hip-Hop mixed with the grittiness of “The Streets” and the integrity of  “The Word”. Songs like ONE, COME OUT and TRYING TO LIVE HOLY hit you like ton of bricks, as Hahz lays his heart on the line and shows a sense of vulnerability as he talks to the most high in his language- rap. While other songs like I’M GOOD and DO WUT THE BIBLE SAYS will have you dancing at your desk, in your car or in your house.

If you hadn’t noticed, the gospel industry is shifting and Gospel/Christian Hip- Hop is apart of that shift. Hip Hop acts like Lecrae, DA Truth and Canton Jones have literally changed the game and have proven that this music is not only popular but profitable. This album is a must have, as Brother Hahz has mastered the art of bridging the gap between grandmothers and their grandchildren with his music. This is indeed HEARTFELT MUSIC.


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