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NEW YORK, NY—This week Pastor Kesean Joseph released his debut project digitally, The Exegesis of God. It is the first sermon album created, produced and released exclusively in an electronic format. The album is 40+ minutes of what he calls “just preaching Jesus”, complete with the Pentecostal elements of celebration, prayer and praise. 

“I used to study the classic voices like Rev. C.L. Franklin, Dr. Iona Locke, Dr. Maria Gardner and Apostle Richard Henton by listening to their albums” Joseph explained. “They all released their albums using the technology of the time. I just wanted to continue the same practice for a digital generation.” 

The title of the album is a play on a concept familiar to most Bible students and preachers, “exegesis.” The openness of Bible study and research on the internet has made the term more friendly to laymen too. 

“We think of exegesis as solely dealing with words on the page of the Bible. But Jesus is the Word and a direct expression of the heart of the Father to us” Joseph said. The tracks are divided into sermon points each going back to the same theme. 

Exegesis was produced by up and coming producer Daniel “Flash” Revell, whose musical repertoire also includes Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Israel and New Breed and Vincent Bohanan. 

“Pastor Kesean pushes exposition beyond its traditional limits with Exegesis,” Revell said. All while giving us the nostalgic feeling for the church and the preachers of old.” 

Joseph is the youth pastor of Love Fellowship Tabernacle: Brooklyn and Bensalem under Grammy-award winning gospel artist Bishop Hezekiah Walker. He is a seminarian and published author. His latest book “God of our Fathers”, was archived at the Schomburg Center for Black Culture as “culturally relevant.” 

The 9-track album is available on all digital music platforms for purchase and streaming. 

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