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April 3, 2012

By Hasan James

Out On A Limb Productions and Yesha Ministries was transformed last night from a simple concert to a night of worship, praise and transparency as Le’Andria Johnson revealed to the Philadelphia crowd that she is indeed pregnant.

Johnson, who is not married, was in the city of brotherly love for a make up concert and the place was packed as fans waited in anticipation to see Le’Andria Johnson sing in her first ever Philly performance. Opening acts included Tamika Patton, Mark Collier, Marc Britt, Zak Williams and 1/Akord and others. Praise 103.9’s, Desi was a great host as usual and kept the crowd laughing all night long in between acts.

Once Le’Andria hit the stage, complete with band and background singers, she immediately went into the Byron Cage hit “I Will Bless The Lord” and then VaShawn Mitchell’s “My Worship Is For Real”. Would you believe that was the next to the last song? In the midst of her singing she began to testify and said “I messed up but God didn’t forget about me”. She even apologized to all of her fans who she may have disappointed and said I’m sorry, I made a mistake and I fell.” “Single women, if you can wait on God…wait”, she went on to sing.

After her testimony, the place went into a praise and many women were crying and praising God as if they could relate. Le’Andria went on to say that she does not condone what she did and she did not know whether or not her label was going to drop her because of her mistake. “I’m not afraid…how can a soldier be afraid?”, she went on to say.

Towards the close of the concert, Le’Andria and Company, going along with the atmosphere, went into the Clark Sisters, “Hallelujah” and she literally ran around the entire venue (bare foot of course) and danced, sang and praised God. As the night drew to a close Le’Andria summoned one of the concert goers to come up to the stage and read the entire chapter of Luke 22 and as she began to cry, the pastor of Yesha Ministries, Bishop James D. Robinson began to pray for her unborn child and prophesied to her that “People will be healed by the sound of your voice.” Desi came back on the stage with tears in her eyes and said that Le’Andria was her when she got pregnant with her daughter 13 years prior. She went on to say “The church is so judgmental and many babies were terminated because of embarrassment but not anymore under my watch.”

Although Le’Andria did not sing any original material from her albums, the night ended up being a night of healing and deliverance. You can say what you want about Le’Andria Johnson but one thing you can never say is that she is fake. She is as transparent as they come and I think that is what gospel music needs in this day and time. Of course, the coming months will be tough for her and her ministry but we must continue to pray for restoration and most of all her unborn child.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Le’Andria should sit down until her baby is born? Sound Off!

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  1. Some great comments I agree with here.
    Though we may change the standard in God sure doesn’t. Holiness is still holiness. Le’Andria needs to show some humility (something most pastors who fall don’t do) & sit down for a season. We need to take these issues & deal with them accordingly as the scripture says & not our puny humanistic reasoning says. The church has ran amok & drop the standard for many years. It is far too many compromised preachers & wishy washy so called believers today. This walk of faith is TIGHT! That’s why the way that leads to life is narrow (Matt 7:13-14) All you compromisers who have sold out to the pimps & false teachers of the world who teach you lies about God is loooooooove, everyone is going to heaven just sow a seed. You are on your way to eternal damnation if you don’t know His Word. Praise God for her openness but she needs to not do this again & surely sit down for a long time.

  2. SMH. Holiness, accountability, and discipline is a cuss word to the church. Yez God forgivez, but what about the accountability for our actions. We are always saying don’t judge, but doesn’t the word say know the tree by tge fruit that it bears.

  3. saints of God….. yes she should sit down…. but lets not continue to dwell on what has happen. she fell… we have as well…. her sin may not be yours….. pray for her and her child as a saint should….. lets not beat up on her…. trust me she is beating up on herself. we must be careful what we say about others…….

  4. We are not to judge the word says God will judge us…we are to love and forgive and have the characteristics of Jesus. We always try to make our sin not so big but others to be a big deal…there is no little sin or big sin…if she ask God for forgiveness then it is done…for get abut what the ppl say they have no say in your life..God still love her as day she proclaim he died and rose on the 3rd day…all those who think they have no sin or ther lil sin is not all that big you need to smell yourself again ….to God be the glory

  5. To Neil why is ok to preach we are all going to hell but the first time someone preach you all are going to heaven…its a problem maybe if we preach some ppl into heaven we can keep them out of hell……God is love and when you fail to realize that you have missed something…Romans 8:37-39 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord….he said nothing so why is it when we fall down we as a christian keep our feet on the person down…Love is the best thing Jesus could have given us…loved us so much he died for me and Le’Andria….Lord I love you because you love and loved me for who i was an am…..even when i fall you are right ther to pick me up and start right wher we left off..my God my God is a great God

  6. No need for anyone to worry about “casting the first stone, . . “, it seems she has become quite efficient at knocking out her own windows.

  7. I’m casting no stones…but I have to agree with eralier posts…Accountability and discipline, and yes Holiness is lacking in this hour. The HUMILITY to sit yourself down for a season to me shows that you understand the gravity of what has transpired. Not to please the people, but to work on yourself. Admitting you did wrong, doesn’t mean you’ve corrected the problem. Transperancy is vital. But transperancy should not equal Indifference. You can be transperant and apologetic. Which is what it looks like Leandria is. She might be mindful she doesn’t get to indifferent about the consequences of her actions. No matter how good, forgiving, kind, merciful God is…she is still before the PEOPLE and there are still consequences. Let’s pray it’s not something to hinder her ability to minister to the people of God. The report from this concert points to her still being able to minister to people with authenticity and strength. I appreciate the realness, but I pray pride and indifference to sneak in and cause deeper troubles.

  8. How can anyone say that someone is judging when you have facts….I totally agree with what everyone has said thus far….she needs to sits down!!!!

  9. I grew up in the church, so I know many scriptures to agree with either side, but I come humbled rather than preachy. I love God, but his people are turning away the young because we rather sit in pews or stand on stage pretending we have no temptations or sins. A baby is the product of sex, but lost souls is the product of our tongue. No we do not condone sex outside of marriage, no she should not stop blessing others with God’s gift, but yes she was to tell the truth and accept any consequences as the result (including losing her contract) But while many of us are judging, examine your life and ask if you are as perfect as Christ and if you are not humble yourself and be quiet.

  10. “He without sin, cast the first stone!” That does not mean to condone. Holiness without NO MAN shall see God. I think she definitely needs to sit down! It amazes me how some people are exempt from the commandments of God but other are left to be crusified. Fantasia apologized and these same people are still throwing stones at her…. smh. I think it worst because Leandria is a gospel artist.

  11. Strongly believe she should be held accountable, thats not a good look .Im married to me thats saying have children and you dont have to be marry. people the word of god is truth why are we allowing false.prophets leaf and guide us straight to hell. Get right!!! Smh

  12. LHM! First, I will say this woman is not God so she is subject to error, but let’s be real there is a process that starts with kissing, touching, taking off clothes etc. During that process the Holy Spirit is convicting you. I don’t have a heaven or hell to put anybody in and I am not her judge, jury or executioner, but she is a roll model that people look up to. It’s good to be transparent when it’s going to be obvious soon. When you are in a position that people look up to you it should be your responsibility to make sure you don’t bring reproach on the name of Christ. To answer the question maybe she should sit down for a while and hear God instead of Mr. Slick whispering in her ear. SN: That joker knows her position in life and I am assuming he “saved” so why he just didn’t back off. If he ain’t saved then she need to leave him alone anyway. Amos 3:3.That’s my opinion.

  13. She repented and apologized for her actions, therefore, she has taken responsibility for what she did and is being held accountable. It’s God who has to speak to LeAndria’s spirit and tell her whether she needs to keep going or to sit a spell, not man. This lady is powerful and even in her situation, God may be using that to get others healed, delivered and set free in THIS season, and if she sits down or go off the scene that may be an opportunity missed to help save someone out there in her shoes, who is not only thinking about killing their baby, but themselves as well. Why don’t we all let God be God, Let God take care of God’s business and if you don’t want to support her or hear her during this season or any other, then you stay at home and let those who need a blessing get what they need. Let the church say Amen. I am a minister and I have messed up so I know all too well how she is feeling, but We are God’s messengers and we have a job to do. Peter messed up, Thomas doubted, Judas betrayed, and Mary and the woman at the well layed but God didn’t love them any less and knowing all that he he knew about them he still loved them, called them, ministered to their spirits, made them disciples and ambassadors, and allowed them to sup with him. So if he knows LeAndia’s worth despite her mess up, then who are we to try and take that away. Her Ministry is worth so much more than her MESS! To God be the Glory!!! Keep on allowing God to use you LeAndria!!!

  14. I am a Pastors Daughter. I am also a single mother of two… I agree that Le’Andria should sit down untill she is sorted. In respect to the image and the message she presents this behaviour is not ok… When I had my children, I had to sit down… and I did it with dignity knowing that although God has forgiven me I still had to endure and up hold the standards of my church… the moment I became a christian and a member of a church, my actions not only represent me, but my family, my church and my God. Her Ministry represent all that and more… Still I will continue to Pray for Le’Andria and her ministry…

    This is not a judgement on her character, just my opinion on the situation.

  15. The Word of God says….
    Open rebuke is better than secret love Proverbs 27:5
    Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment John 7:24
    Do you not know that we shall judge angels? How much more things that pertain to this life? 1 Corinthians 6:3
    Let marriage be held in honor among ALL, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous. Hebrews 13:4
    For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God Romans 3:23
    Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. Romans 1:25

  16. I totally agree with everyone, we all have fallen and come short of the glory of God, but the thing is what do you do when you get up. Holiness is still right and we have to be accountable of what we do and who we represent. I agree that she need to sit down for a while and get total deliverance, it’s ok and you can have a relationship with Jesus doing so. The bible is the bible and what it says goes for everyone, no one is exempt to the word and what it stands for. And you can’t cut corners to justify what you want to do.

  17. I’m a single mother of a beautiful little girl. Once I apologized to GOD I didn’t worry about man because people will condemn you for the rest of your life. My dad always told me the sin was in the sex not the child. If she has apologized to GOD who are we to tell her to stopped using God has blessed her with. There are consequences she may have to face but we as Christians should be praying for her not talking about her and telling her to STOP giving God praise because the bible says…”Let EVERYTHING that hath breath Praise the Lord…”

  18. We are so quick to pass judgement and play God. Sin is sin. There is no such thing as a little sin or big sin. So no one here can pass any judgement. I’m so glad that God does not think like us. If the Lord himself tells Her to take a break then that’s what she needs to do. But if he does not speak that to her then who are we to decide that that’s what she needs to do?? I’m so glad that when I mess up the Lord doesn’t sit me down. But he fogives me and allows me to continue to minister. Thank you Jesus! Leandria you do whatever the Lord wants you to do! There are people out there that need your ministry! I’m one of them!

  19. Galatians 6:1-2 says: “Brethren, if a man (personal emphasis: or woman) be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted. Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”
    I just heard about Leandria Johnon’s pregnancy today and was saddened and a bit disappointed, but I believe that we must commit to praying for her restoration and that God would perfect those things that concern her and her unborn child Let’s watch and pray lest we fall in some way (Matt. 26:41; Mark 14:38). I recall each time I heard her minister on Sunday Best, I was thoroughly blessed and brought to tears, because she sang from the depths of her soul. The sister is truly blessed with the gift of song (Hebrews 11:29), but the Lord expects us to be holy as He is holy for we are ambassadors of Christ. Although Ms.Johnson has been transparent and apologized to her fans, others, and asked forgivenness from the Lord, that DOES NOT EXEMPT HER from the consequences of her transgression. Even David, who was a man after God’s own heart, suffered consequences as a result of his transgressions. I have had the experience of falling into sin, while being in music ministry (leading songs with a choir and singing on praise team). The consequence was TIME OUT for a season from singing anywhere but the shower. Only after I had time to reflect, repent (a change of mind and direction) and let the Lord restore me was I free to sing again. I have heard it said by a televions woman preacher that “Your gift can take you where your character can’t keep you.” That’s why a time out from ministering to anyone but the Lord is most crucial. Time out or stepping down will give Ms.Johnson an opportunity to hear from God as she spends time in prayer and the Word. If she is consistent in doing the right thngs, she will get her bearings, become more deeply grounded in God and her ministering will be greatly enhanced (have more spiritual depth Jn. 4:24). When our minds are renewed with the Word of God we gain victory over addictions, lust and other sins of the flesh. Many people are saved (they have confessed Jesus as Lord), but they have not made Him Lord over every part of their lives; they are not SANCTIFIED and walking in holiness, so they don’t practice sexual purity. Also, I have learned the hard way the importance and benefit of having a higher allegiance towards God. What does that mean? It means putting pleasing God above yourself. We love God, because He first loved us, yet we still commit ‘habitual’ sins. We must commit to OBEY GOD’S WORD: Jesus said in John 14:15: “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” Lastly, Ms. Johnson needs the forgiveness, covering and understanding of her local church more than she needs the praise of her fans. The church is a hospital; a place we can go for spiritual healing and restoration. It’s also where we go to corporately worship the Lord and to hear both a Rhema and spoken Word of the Lord.

    Let’s pray that Ms. Johnson would humble herself and listen to the Holy Spirit’s prompting to do what will please the Lord. Obeying the Lord is not always easy, comfortable or popular, but IT’S NOT IMPOSSIBLE! In her local church, Ms. Johnson can receive the guidance of spiritually mature women, find restoration and peace and be nurtured in the deep things of God. It is only by the Spirit the deep things of God can be searched (1 Cor.2:10). After being healed, restored, and renewing her mind with the Word of God, Ms. Johnson will be fully equipped and the Lord can fulfill the prophecy she received during the Philly event; she will have something deeper than her singing abilty that can be imparted to those who hear her: THE ANOINTING (Isaiah 10:27). May the peace of God be multiplied to Ms. Johnson and to all of you! Continue to be blessed of the Lord, Your Sister in Christ.

  20. I think it’s sad that Leandria is justifying what she has done by starting a I DIDN’T KILL TO BE KILLED rally. This is just a ploy to make us think her and her team are doing something great and is an attempt to take our minds off of the big ISSUE; her fornication as a public representative of Christ. It’s all about the money people! What about the young women of this world. You’re saying to them it’s ok if you have sex, just don’t kill the baby. I’m tired of seeing young black women sit home all day and watch Maury yelling You Are Not the Baby’s Father! Yet, I have to work day in and day out, paying taxes to support programs like food stamp, medicaid and financial assistance. I know women who have so many children and they don’t work yet bring in more money than the average single person who holds a steady job. Year after year, entertainment has made a mockery of our young black men and women through hip hop, these type shows and now through gospel artists, teachers and preachers. We as blacks don’t have a standard, we are down for anything and that is why we are in the predicament that we are in. It’s funny how foreigners can come here and take advantage of this land’s great resources and succeed. Yet, most of us (blacks) have been here all along and because of this irresponsible mindset that anything goes most of us aren’t going anywhere. What an example! I think it’s disgusting and I’m over it. What’s really sick is that these people get in the limelight and as long as people are speaking good of them, it’s cool. However, as soon as they screw up and are ridiculed they want to run to the Bible and what Jesus has said and done. Did He die in vain? You celebrity religious persons are a disgrace, well at least most of you are!

  21. What if Mary decided to abort Jesus because of the condemnation of her community she knew she would receive? Where would we be? What if Joseph walked away because of the back lash he knew was coming because he was marrying Mary who child she was carrying was not he child, where would we be? It is time that we as a community begin to extend a hand of HELP and not a hand of CONDEMNATION. When we the saints began to extend the mercies to others that God extend to us, when we begin to forgive others for their wrong, like we ask God to do for us, HOW MUCH FURTHER WILL WE BE. HOW MUCH BIGGER WILL THE BODY OF CHRIST GROW. HOW MUCH MORE WILL GOD DO FOR THIS WORLD and not just Individually.

    Le’Andria, your walk with God is your walk, everything you have gone through and or going through now, God is using you for he purpose and God has annointed you and called you to do his word and God will reach his children by any means necessary and God will never put you in a situation that is not beneficial to his kingdom and that he can not deliver you from. Continue to do God’s work and thank him for the planing eeds of greatness in you that feel on good ground. God is developing you just as he see fit. God has forgiven you because you asked for forgiveness. You extended yourself to the public and asked for their forgiveness and that’s all God requires of you. He layed it on your heart and you did it. Hold your head up hih and continue to serve our Father.

  22. WOW! @Rhonda, well said!!! To everyone else, I don’t understand. I refuse to overflow this comment by quoting scriptures, or googling all the ones applicable to this situation. First, “sitting down” and “taking a break,” implies that she will be delivered quicker or ONLY if she takes a break from her ministry.You also imply that a person in the spotlight must be perfect and have no sins or faults! Doesn’t that contradict YOUR bible! I thought Jesus was the only perfect man who walked the Earth; was not he also tempted? Furthermore, Is this the only way to get a reasonable means to the end sought. What really is the end sought for LeAndria? Is it Perfection, accountability, overview? Don’t we battle with flesh everyday? How long does it take for someone to OVERCOME their battle with flesh or sin for that matter? Because if her taking this break that you suggest doesn’t eliminate her sin altogether, we’ll be in this place again–accusing and giving unnecessary, ridiculing judgments. Sin just doesn’t disappear because the public finds out people! Oh my!!!!

    Did the Bible tell us when our battle with flesh will conclude? Or have we assumed? Everyone else seems to have the perfect solution for her? Google that scripture and let me know! When you are able to place a time on it and come up with a “flawless solution”, can it and label it with YOUR price tag. You’ll surely be our next millionaire!

    Second, we hold artist to standards above their means. Does singing and delivering God’s word make you perfect, a prophet, or a nun for that matter? Of course not! They are human just as YOU are! You can’t justify her wrong by how YOU handled pregnancy, or whether you were married before you had children. No two people are alike whether they hold the titles of Christians or not. Maya Angelou stated it best, “Becoming a Christian is a life long endeavor. The persons striving to live their religious beliefs know that the idyllic condition cannot be arrived at and held on to eternally. It is in the search itself that one finds the ecstasy.”

    Third, Role models? That’s funny! The crux of our problem in this generation is that we are allowing the media and others to raise our children —failing to teach them to trust, understand, and have a relationship with God for themselves. We are so quick to blame those in the media for the problems of our youth and society when the household fails to have family prayer, bible study, etc. at home.

    Furthermore, Your opinion is not helping the situation. And at the end of the day, I don’t think the Bible would condone her halting her GREAT Commission work because she fell to the Devil’s temptation. Look at many of Jesus’s disciples. RELIGION is what has tainted Christians! Many things we practice in church have NOT ONE SINGLE THING TO DO WITH THE BIBLE. —–You’re just looking at her “right now” struggle. How can you judge her when her first appearance into the industry showed her struggling. Why wasn’t it a problem then. It wasn’t the taboo our RELIGION has told us is worst than all other sins. You have made her Anne Proctor, with an “A” on her chest. But guess what? Everybody else was sinning to; they just didn’t get caught! Is that you, you, and you!!! She said it, “Religion’s looking back at me”!!!!!!

    No man is perfect. We were born into sin. So, are you suggesting that her being pregnant is greater than her battle with alcohol. We are judgmental to the extent of what society has labeled as wrong– what religion has told us is the worst TABOO. But what does the Bible say? Stop using the Bible to argue!!!! Really? Is that what the Bible is for? IF you read the Bible and fully understood the verses in their entirety, and not simply take them individually, the meaning many of you portray is out of context.

    Finally, I am embarrassed that someone even brought race into the picture. It shows how simple minded we are. The piety of those within the church is hurting those who want to come home, but we stone them before they can come into the door. LeAndria never said what she did was right! But, envy, jealousy, and the over indulgence in other people’s problems cause you not to love her the way GOD would. If we uncovered all of your sins and faults, many of you would have to quit your jobs, get divorces, etc.

    God is the only one that can condemn her. Christians kill people with the words of our mouths taught by religion. Your comments have proven that! We all say what she should do, but how would you feel as so-called “Christians” standing in her shoes.

  23. I personally know the entire Johnson family. Le’Ann knows the word of God. That was said to say… She knows what she did was wrong period. Just as the young lady above stated “no sin is greater than any other”…. SIN IS SIN (so what do you do in the dark that only you and GOD know about?)…. I know what she did was wrong. However, judgment is reserved for GOD AND GOD ALONE… Now about this non-sense about Le’Ann sitting down… That’s just what the devil would like… BUT I rebuke that idea, notion or anything else of the sort from the minds of anyone with any real authority over her career… When Jesus met the woman at the well He told her “GO AND SIN NO MORE” He didn’t tell her to stop working as a matter of fact that’s when she had just started working… So sit down… I’d have to say “HELL. NO!!!!!” I refuse to let THE ENEMY and his ideas show up or halt GOD’s progress!!! Le’Ann we love you… keep allowing GOD to use you. GOD SAID HE WAS MARRIED TO THE BACK SLIDER!!!!!!!!!! REMEMBER THAT – Lawrence your brother in CHRIST!!!

  24. To whom much is given much is required. I am a minister, and sing also…It is certain things I dont dare to play with….and one is the annoiting that God has allowed to be placed on my life. You have to try the spirit by the spirit. I have to fight for my atmosphere daily….I have to die daily spritually. If I could smoke weed, drink hennesey, and have sex anytime…and then turn around and minister through songs worship and scripture..baby baby baby….lol But God has a standard and people are looking for a difference…God is awesome and the more we let go and let God…then we will see change. Leandria is so gifted, and gifts come without repentance. As my pawpaw say..Holiness is right even if no one live it…And it does has standards…Get ,somewhere and sit down for a season and GET YOURSELF TOGETHER.

  25. I commend her for being upfront about what happened, however, I do feel that she needs to take a moment to sit down and get herself together. Yes, God is so gracious and forgiving, but there is a standard that must be raised. All have sinned and have come short of the glory of God, but she does need to wait until she has had this baby, allowing God to work on her.

  26. I should have known this was coming , ain’t no hurt like the churches!! Everybodies hand touching their keyboard has sinned and come short of his glory. We need to do more exhorting and less tearing down.
    Alot of us on here sound just like those pharisees and religious people. She needs to repent and get up and move forward in Christ!! It kills me to see so many so-called people of God on here acting holier than thou
    When you’re probably not living all you can live for Christ !!

  27. I too was leandria’s shoes. I was pregnant and a worship leader. Surprising, my pastor did not sit me down. He said if he sat me down, we all should sit down. The act was a sin but NOT the baby. no sin is greater then the other. I experienced the love of God in away what was COMPLETELY unheard of. It completey OVERWHELMED me. It actually made me WANT to make better choices. My pastor got several calls questioning his decision, but he stood firm on what the “heart of God looks like”. Now, we do believe that a person needs to sit down on occasions, it depends on the situation. Restoring people unto the Lord is the goal. Opinions dont matter to God, so its best to tread lightly. I’ve apologized countless times to “wounded soldiers” on behalf of the church. Most of us know RELIGION..you HAVE to do this and that, and not RELATIONSHIP..which is being captivated by the LOVE of God, it “compels” us to walk in HIS ways. Everything else is the TOTAL opposite if God.

  28. WOW. The “churchy” ppl never cease to amaze me. God is love. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. 1 john 4:8
    Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 1 Cor 3: 8-12
    Keep doing what God created you to do LeAndria. There is deliverance in your voice and there is healing in your voice. Don’t sit down, don’t shut up – don’t listen to the naysayers. Keep doing what God called you to do!

  29. God bless u saints I want u 2 understand that gifts & callings are without repntance let us pray for restoration & that God gets the glory out of it. Yes I truely believe in holding people accoutable 4 their actions,my is convition & fear back 2 the Church. If u think about it u can urself on the ground why because fell. The bible say the strong ought 2 bare the infirmities of the weak so lets pray, Fathrr in Jesus name I come interceeding on my sisters behalf ask u grace mercy and peace give strengh over come the traps of satan, & Lord help her 2 be not conformed 2 this world but help her 2 be transformed by therenewing of her mind in the mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray Amen.

  30. I feel that if all Leandria had to do was pray, ask God for forgiveness and repent, WHO are WE to demand anything from her? Why should she stop singing the praises of the Lord because she fornicated? More importantly- how many of the people JUDGING her are fornicating as well- but we just don’t see a swollen belly to PROVE IT?! People can hide behind words, the Bible, each other, but what’s done in the dark will come to light. True, it may not “look” good, but God will direct her- not us.

  31. To everyone who is sitting back in judgement of LeAndria, you really need to take out a mirror and take a good

    look at yourself. A lot of you have secrets that noone know about. You are not woman enough to tell anyone what you aredoing behind closed doors. You think you hiding something. Well I want to let you know, that you cant keep it from God!! He know whats going on in your life too. We should pray for her and keep her and her unborn child lifted in prayer. She should not take a seat for a season unless her body wont let her go forth. While she taking a seat because of Anti-Holy folk, people that need to get her messege are dying going to Hell! LeAndria I say to you God has given you a gift and annointed you to take his message to people who have never heard or may only connect through you. Ive walked in very shoes. It hurts to feel like you have disappointed the world. Just remember everything God allow he allow it for a reason. Everything he do he do it well. Your baby is Gods gift to the world just as my Little Messiah was Gods gift to the world!! You go forth and sing the HELL out of these people every oppurtunity you get! I will always support you!!

  32. Sometimes it is better to be quiet and pray for a person.

    I understand why people are saying that she should “sit down”, but at the same time, I want her to continue to uplift in song. Tradition should always be pushed aside to allow for praising the Lord. Le’Andria’s voice is a gift from God and she should raise it high at all times.

    When you are fat (gluttonous), do you “sit” until you’ve lost weight and gotten your gluttony under control? When you are single Christian woman, filled with jealousy at your newlywed friends, do you “sit” until you get your heart right? When you are having sex outside of marriage, do you “sit” until you stop? Just because you don’t have visible proof of the sex (a baby), doesn’t mean you aren’t having sex. A lot of y’all are. I’m a married woman and I’v been there before. But God. BUT GOD.

    Get your hearts right and don’t try to stifle the ones who want to sing His praises just because that’s how it’s always been done at your grandmother’s church.

  33. Well I’ve seen my Pastor sit his own children down for things such as this. .. She can sit Down but that doesn’t mean stop singing the devil is a lie she was dead wrong and has confessed her sin publicly she has shown humility right there is I would keep singing everywhere and if home church me wants me to sit down that’s ok I would minister else where

  34. @ LJ comment, I agree 100% (well said)…As a young black woman (who will have her Master’s degree 2014), What types of messages are we as a culture sending to young women everywhere, especially those within the African American Community? Especially to the young black women (like myself), who are living Godly lives, yet have to explain to our younger siblings/ church youth as to why situations such as this, happen. We must call things as they are. Sin is sin. Correct and move on.

  35. I know how she feels. This was me 2 years ago. I had so many judgemental people in my face. I knew I had let God down,but I didn’t have to answer to man. God knew my heart, mind, body, and soul. I don’t think she should sit down. Sometimes ministering to others can help you through your own storm. God is working on her and He’s also working on me. No one is perfect. I respect her because she doesn’t hide it. She’s one of the few gospel celebrity artist saying,”I’m trying to do what’s right. I fell short,so please forgive me and pray for me.” I doubt very seriously that everyone making comments was married when they had children. Furthermore, was everyone’s parents married when they had you? Things like this have to be taken into consideration. You don’t see liars, thieves,drug users/dealers,preachers only in the pulpit for money and to gain the most members,hoes, gay choir directors/members/organist,greedy people,hateful people,”perfect sinless” people, clubbers,alcoholics,etc. sitting down do you? If so, the church wouldn’t be open. Instead of down talking people who fall short (message to the Christians who seem to forget where they came from. Oh! I forgot, once you got saved you erased your past as if it didn’t exist,huh? ) ,pray for them and pray for yourself that you won’t look down on another man. Instead, you’ll reach down and help them, encourage them, and be an example for them. There is no big or little sin. Sin is sin. Once people realize that, things will began to change. Until then, you’ll have the same 1958 mentality that having a baby is the worst thing ever until you remind them what the bible says about gossiping and being judgemental. They get real quiet then. Pray for LeAndria,me, and yourself.

  36. I understand how she feels.. It also isn’t easy living your life in the public eye.. The bible states don’t let your good be evil spoken of…

    i am not judging her.. But there should be a standard that we believers live by… Man doesn’t have a hell nor heaven to put us in…

    This is a cross that she must bear.. she needs our prayers and support.

    Remember there is an innocent child involved…. The child should be our focus..not how the child got here!

    God is in control….As long as she is holding on to God’s unchanging hand…She will have the Victory!!!

  37. The young lady made a mistake and her life is like living in a glass house. I’m sure she would like to sit down until her baby is born; but in the music industry you are binded to CONTRCT, therefore, she has to keep singing. For Leandria that has to be most humiliating. Her privacy good or bad is gone. God be with her!!!

  38. Good singing does not mean anointed. A drunk can out sing anyone in the industry. Some of you people
    are only agreeing with wrong because you do wrong and are immature in your walk with Christ and you don’t
    Know any better but some of you are just ranked out sinners on your way to hell. Leandria sing cant save you , Salvation is the work of Christ alone. God does
    NOT wink at sin anymore.

    Alone.Singing works on the feelings of man but our m

  39. Ain’t no way y’all fina get on here and act like y’all don’t go to church on Sunday and sin Monday-Monday. Yes she’s a Christian but y’all wouldn’t have known she was sinning by having sex out of wedlock if she didn’t come up pregnant. At least she’s real enough to keep hers instead of being shamed and aborting it. Then you really would have something to say if she aborted it. Life is full of choices and mistakes and everybody makes them. Every last one of y’all that’s got the bad mouth for her needs to be repenting bc God said touch not my anointing and do my prophet no harm and truly she is anointed. Ain’t no telling how many kids y’all got out of wedlock, with somebody’s else man/woman or you’ve aborted bc of shame. Y’all gotta lot of nerve to wanna talk about her and your mama might be out there still doing the same thing she did. She never said she wasnt sexually active so how’s she fake. Y’all need to get some business about y’all selves.

  40. I admire Le’Andria’s transparency. While we may think that she should sit down, what is God saying? When I first learned of her pregnancy, I judged her mentally and was convicted to keep my mouth off of her and allow God to process her through this most difficult time in her life. I don’t think it has been easy for her to go forth in ministry knowing that many are talking about her. We are not in her secret closet hearing her heart cries before God.
    If you take a look at her journey when she auditioned for Sunday’s Best, it was obvious to me that she had been dealing with issues. Sunday’s Best was one of the thing’s I feel that God used to propel her to the forefront. Even after Sunday’s Best she admitted her issue with alcoholism. If you can remember, Kirk Franklin prayed a prayer for her and asked that God would protect her anointing.
    God is holy and none can be compared to her. He is yet in control and the judge. God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. God uses whom He wishes and how He wishes. In this season for judgement starting at the house of God ,Him allowing His bride to be prepared to meet Him, many spots, wrinkles and blemishes are now being exposed. We still have time to get those things that will hinder us from being received as Christ’s own now while we still have a little time.
    Let us pray for her and allow God to restore her the ways He wants to and not man.

    Robynne J. Moore

  41. When I wrote to you before, I told you not to associate with people who indulge in sexual sin. But I wasn’t talking about unbelievers who indulge in sexual sin, or are greedy, or cheat people, or worship idols. You would have to leave this world to avoid people like that. I meant that you are not to associate with anyone who claims to be a believer yet indulges in sexual sin, or is greedy, or worships idols, or is abusive, or is a drunkard, or cheats people. Don’t even eat with such people.
    It isn’t my responsibility to judge outsiders, but it certainly is your responsibility to judge those inside the church who are sinning. God will judge those on the outside; but as the Scriptures say, “You must remove the evil person from among you.” (1 Corinthians 5:9-13 NLT)…..According to this scripture, the Church has every right to Judge individuals who profess to be believers. The church has allowed so much compromise in the church until we have excepted this watered down version of the Gospel. I don’t post this to judge Leandria, I pray for God’s mercy concerning her life. However, When Leandria accepted this awesome platform which was given to her, an even greater responsibility came along with it. I am a leader myself and I am far from perfect, but I do everything in my power to protect and honor the office that I hold, more importantly my relationship with God. Sin separates us from God and it interferes with our relationship with God. It will also kills our infleunce with some of the souls that God has assigned to our hands. While there will be some who still recieve from her and support her ministry, there will also be some that will fall because of the example she has set. That blood will be required of her hands. I believe there is a deeper concern than her image, career, status & even the souls that have been assigned to her hands and that is her own SOUL! 1 Corithians 9v. 27-(paraphrase) says, I keep my body under subjection, lest after I have preached or ministered to others I myself become a cast away. I don’t believe that this was a one time event, because God is graceful & merciful and he will cover us in our sins and give us an opportunity to get ourselves together, but when there is no real repentance, which means we TURN from the sin, God will allow our sins to be exposed! God knows we are human and that we all have the propensity to fall, but with every temptation there is a way of escape! I agree that she should sit down at least until after she has the baby if not longer, but at least she won’t be flaunting her sin out before the people because it is one that is seen. No one is crucifying her or is saying that she should never sing again, but there should be a time of repentance & restoration for her. A lot of times when we are in the spot light and we hold positions, we feel like we can’t sit down or we shoulnt sit down and we keep moving all over top of stuff and we never find healing and restoration for our souls. The more we sin and feel like its ok and that there are no consequences for our actions, the more we feel comfortable in continuing the sin. We get locked into and caught up in the gifts, the talents, the titles, the positions and the personalities, but God is more concerned about our souls. The bible says, the soul that sinneth shall surely die. 1 Corithians 5v.5 says, Ro deliver such an one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus. I pray that the church as a whole will take a stand and lift up a standard and stop compromising with sin that we can once again experience the real power of healing & deliverance that is intended for us. Blessings….

  42. When I watch LeAndria perform, I see the anointing of God in her as raw and fresh. I believe that she still has not tapped into all of her potential. She is truly a soldier of God. As soldiers and warriors of and for God we get wounded in the battle. Let’s keep it in mind that tha battle is between God and Satan. Not our judgments and mentalities that we wield against each other because we forget how we made it into the kingdom. LeAndria if you are reading this-keep on going! God does everything for a reason and your pregnancy did not take Him by surprise! Hold your head up and keep praising and doing the warfare. Hold onto Psalm 34:19. You are giving birth to a prophet. Your unborn child has a purpose. God Bless!

  43. Some times we are too quick to judge a person rather than seeing them as a human-being. I do not condole her being pregnant and not married but please let’s not let this take away the fact she is so very talented. Just like Michael Jackson, so many went with the media when things started to be said about him and he was accused of certain things, but we can not take away the fact he was so very talented. Let God be the Judge. I am sure she has enough to deal with on her own. Support LeAndria as an very talented artist. We often forget those that are in the public eye as human too. Her choice is between her and God.

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