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April 3, 2012

By Hasan James

Out On A Limb Productions and Yesha Ministries was transformed last night from a simple concert to a night of worship, praise and transparency as Le’Andria Johnson revealed to the Philadelphia crowd that she is indeed pregnant.

Johnson, who is not married, was in the city of brotherly love for a make up concert and the place was packed as fans waited in anticipation to see Le’Andria Johnson sing in her first ever Philly performance. Opening acts included Tamika Patton, Mark Collier, Marc Britt, Zak Williams and 1/Akord and others. Praise 103.9’s, Desi was a great host as usual and kept the crowd laughing all night long in between acts.

Once Le’Andria hit the stage, complete with band and background singers, she immediately went into the Byron Cage hit “I Will Bless The Lord” and then VaShawn Mitchell’s “My Worship Is For Real”. Would you believe that was the next to the last song? In the midst of her singing she began to testify and said “I messed up but God didn’t forget about me”. She even apologized to all of her fans who she may have disappointed and said I’m sorry, I made a mistake and I fell.” “Single women, if you can wait on God…wait”, she went on to sing.

After her testimony, the place went into a praise and many women were crying and praising God as if they could relate. Le’Andria went on to say that she does not condone what she did and she did not know whether or not her label was going to drop her because of her mistake. “I’m not afraid…how can a soldier be afraid?”, she went on to say.

Towards the close of the concert, Le’Andria and Company, going along with the atmosphere, went into the Clark Sisters, “Hallelujah” and she literally ran around the entire venue (bare foot of course) and danced, sang and praised God. As the night drew to a close Le’Andria summoned one of the concert goers to come up to the stage and read the entire chapter of Luke 22 and as she began to cry, the pastor of Yesha Ministries, Bishop James D. Robinson began to pray for her unborn child and prophesied to her that “People will be healed by the sound of your voice.” Desi came back on the stage with tears in her eyes and said that Le’Andria was her when she got pregnant with her daughter 13 years prior. She went on to say “The church is so judgmental and many babies were terminated because of embarrassment but not anymore under my watch.”

Although Le’Andria did not sing any original material from her albums, the night ended up being a night of healing and deliverance. You can say what you want about Le’Andria Johnson but one thing you can never say is that she is fake. She is as transparent as they come and I think that is what gospel music needs in this day and time. Of course, the coming months will be tough for her and her ministry but we must continue to pray for restoration and most of all her unborn child.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Le’Andria should sit down until her baby is born? Sound Off!

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  2. I was in shock on yesterday when different people took to twitter. But then I recalled how it was for me when I got pregnant some 5 years ago out of wedlock after finally returning back to church. I ran before I could be set down, ridiculed and shamed. The years after, were no better, my covering was gone. I’m praying for Le’Andria her ministry is needed.

  3. I hope that a body of believers surrounds her and walks with her. Temptation is real for single people (married ones too). We must keep her lifted in prayer so she can stand and be restored. Her transparency is one of the weapons that she can use to wage war against the enemy, because sincere prayer warriors will know what to pray for.

    We fall but we can get up. The saints need to realize that once the sin has occurred the next step is repentence, not tearing someone down after they commit a sin. Jesus didn’t do that, He said “go and sin no more.” Praying for LeAndria

  4. I totally respect her transperancy and applaud her for keeping her baby. I remember being pregnant at 18, and a friend prayed restoration for me and protection for my unborn child while I was 4 months pregnant. Because of that prayer and the love of my family and church, I was able to go throught the process and thrive in life. My child is an adult now and is doing very well.

    I will pray for LeAndria as I do many artists, that they continue to be true and love God with all of their heart. God forgives and no man can judge.

  5. When will the Body of Christ start preaching that you don’t even have to fall.. the bible says now unto him who is able to keep you from falling… of course the blood covers but we need to leave the foundational teaching so we can go on to the deeper things of God. if we stay a babe, the body will never grow.. the sin is in the act and it could have been anyone.. of course the baby and mother will be covered in prayer, but do we continue in sin? That is where the problem lies… the “we fall but we can get up”.. will someone stand up and say that I love Jesus more than having sex and because I know my worth as a woman of God (which is far Above rubies) then I won’t even put myself in that position because I’m better than that.. Let the devil attack me on another front because you won’t find me there anymore… #imjustsayin

  6. Iam so greatful for this young lad. Often times ppl tend to think that because you are saved that you shouldnt struggle. But Ive learned that anything that you dont struggle or fight for most times isnt worth having! And as far as the public, like her song says He without sin cast the first stone!!!!!

  7. I was at the concert/church, and I tell you that brokeness that I saw in Le’Andria, is just what God is looking for in all of us! God will give her total restoration because she is sincere and He knows her heart. The enemy is indeed out to get her, as he wants all of God’s anointed vessels. I thank God for her being able to stand boldly before the church in victory! That took a lot of courage. Can you imagine how many people she helped last night with her testimony?! It was awesome! I’m praying for you Le’Andria.

  8. We have lost our dayum minds. All I want to say is this. So what you are grown and yes you have a right to do what the hail you want to, but IS SHE REPRESENTING GOD. IS SHE SUPPOSE TO BE MINISTERING TO PEOPLE OR is this just a gig. There is no way in the world any of you are going to tell me that it’s alright to get up and sing Gospel or represent God pregnant and not married. Yes God forgives. Yes he heals, but she is in error now other young women may feel they can have sex too and if they get pregnant can contiinue to sing in the choir. Direct the choir, maybe even preach inthe pulpit. Where in the hell is God consciousness people we have lost it. We have lost it all inthe name of don’t judge. We get this Scripture so dayum twisted we don’t even know what it means. People say you are judging when you call a spade a spade and a heart a heart. Sorry folks stop trying reinterpret what the Bible says. Grace, mercy, forgiveness, love, judgment, etc. It all works together for our good. I LOVE her sanging but if she is prego at the present she need not be trying to represent God or the church. Evidentally she hasn’t been taught or taught the wrong thing. Do you think , Yolanda Adams, Vicki Yoki, or any another single woman would get up in front of an audience pregnant knowing that they are not married and try to minister to somebody. Dayum we have lost all sense of decency, morality and respect for what is posta be attached to God’s name. If she sits down until she have the baby do you think it will kill her. She is a role model as a star whether she wants to believe it or not and people have a right to say WHAT IS RIGHT AND WHAT IS WRONG and calling a spade a spade is not judging, but it’s the dayum truth. Get yourselves together and stop comprosmising before all of yall end up in hell because you lived any kind of way thinkin it was alright in God’s eyes. Hell no it aint shyt.

  9. The Word of God tells us to, “Judge not and ye shall not be judged…condemn not and ye shall not be condemned, forgive and ye shall be forgiven….thank you, Jesus for your Word and as he said to a woman in the Bible caught in the very act of adultry…Woman where art thou accusers, as they all had sinned…He said to her, now go and sin no more.

  10. LeAndria is appointed for a time such as this! She is covered by the blood of Jesus!! And Like she Said its Going to be OK!! THIS TOO SHALL PASS!! #TeamLeAndria in full effect

  11. Jesus told Peter….Luke 22:32 —But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren. The key to this passage….Jesus told Peter to be converted first then go strengthen others. If you keep falling then it is obvious you need to be converted. (Which simply means……Cause to change in form, character, or function. Change or be able to change from one form to another.)

    Yes God brings healing and deliverance; She needs it and we stand with her and others in prayer that her faith fail not! So many are in the same situation….. We have so much work to do! She is appointed for this time; unfortunately, she is under attack and doesn’t have the necessary strength to overcome….. she needs help! Cause the enemy desires to sift her as wheat just like Peter. Hence the reason Jesus prayed for Peter’s faith to not fail. A soldier knows if they go to battle without the necessary tools that they are an open easy target for the enemy to attack and attempt to defeat.

    God told us in the word that He would drive out the different enemies; however, he told us it takes time lest the beast come in and you are unable to deal with it (Exodus 23:28-30). She needs a strong inner circle of real folks to help her stand! To often we gather to ourselves folks that enable us to continue in sin and the word says God forbid…. We are to be helpers one to another….. Now this is what real ministry is supposed to be about. My prayers are with her and all the others that have made an attempt to minister while weak….. I wonder where are the leaders who are supposed to equip the folks Ephesians 4. It isnt going to pass without the word applied. We have to follow His word and prepare ourselves for the work. The gift is pure and will bring you before great men….kings. Well our job is to put on the whole armour of God (Ephesians 6:10-12) God bless us all to follow His word lest we fall!

  12. I’m praying for Le’Andria at this moment to cover her and the baby in HIS blood. The thing that we need to realize is this isn’t something to say I’m proud, but in all things it’s for GOD’S glory. We can sit here be opinionated til we r blue in the face, but what’s done is done….What matters is we serve a GOD of FORGIVENESS. It’s also in HIS word to not dwell on sin that has been forgiven. We need to learn how to keep our mouths shut and interceed for situations like this that GOD’S will be done in her life and the baby. Le’Andria there will be GLORY AFTER THIS!!! Peace and Blessings

  13. Big D, I understand what you are trying to say, but it fell on deaf ears because of your “sanctified cursing.”Shame on you!

    The bible says (Galatians 5:1), “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made you free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.” Christ has called us to be free. Unfortunately, premarital sex, as well as many other activities, lead to spiritual bondage. However, Galatians 6:1 says, “Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; lest thou also be tempted.” I know about being tempted, but I also know about grace. So with that said, I choose to pray for LeAndria and her unborn child; that God completely restore her whole being, and that she bring forth her testimony of true deliverance in due time.

  14. I don’t believe any one sin is greater than the other. Nope, Yolanda didn’t stand pregnant, but she stands “divorced” … divorce is NOT proper in God’s eyes either and you don’t know WHAT Vicki Yohe is doing when she is NOT before th mass. I am not saying she is sinning or not, but only LeAndria has to stand before God’s throne for her actions. We run SO many souls away from the church … you have to “catch” the fish before you can skin, clean, and fry it …

  15. Okay….one mistake…two mistakes…three mistakes…now four?? I don’t understand. At what point Christians are gonna be held accountable? THIS IS WRONG! Yall can quote all the scriptures you want…it’s still WRONG as two left shoes. I love her singing and performances…..BUT WRONG IS WRONG. Thats all.

  16. I do not judge unrighteously in this situation. Love and support in Christ’s name is not divorced from discipline. If her singing is a ministry she has a responsibility to live according to what she is singing and ministering. She should not be demonizedd or cast out yet there is a plce for discipline for those who do sin (we like to say fall, now). Is rthis a pattern for her? Are all of her children born out of the blesing of marriage? She nneds to align her behavior to scripture. If not she damges her own personsal witness of the power of GOD and also damages the church’s witness also. Citing what Jesus told the woman caught in adultery is not fully applicable in this situation. The lack of condemnation Jesus gave was the penalty of death. That is what the Pharisees were looking for him to do. Condemn the woman to death for adultery. Jesus forgave the woman and did condemn the act of adultery by saying GO AND SIN NO MORE. Here’s the truth folks; L’Andria is a phenominal vocalist. She’s been through a lot; was reared in the holiness church. Despite all of this she sinned. She needs to be disciplined (maybe that will mean being dropped from her label; though they probably won’t) Maybe that’ll mean that she should stop singing publicly until she gives birth and is counseled. That is up to her spiritual leadership.
    THis problem in the black church is so prevalent it has become normalized in our eyes. Fornication is still sin. You cannot “grace” away sin or be kind to sin. Sin must be dealt with or it becomes a pattern of behavior and corrupts us. Remember that the Apostle Paul write a little leaven (sin) leaveneth the whole lump of dough. We must “glorify GOD in our spirits and bodies which are GOD’s.” We have all sinned and come short. Yet the answer for sin in not merely confessing it. “If we confess our sins GOD is faith and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. TWO acts are mentioned there in that verse. Cleansing and Forgiveness. Anyone who sins must be forgiven and then cleansed (purged, thoroughly washed). Some attitudes expressed here sound like: “I know your sinful and dirty but comeone I’ll forgive you now, we are all dirty and we all keep falling; so we can’t jusdge this action ; just keep on singing and glorifying GOD honey. HOw is she singing about a power she can’t manifest in her own life. Cannot the same anointing that dleivers people when she sings keep her in her bed? I only raise these questions to counter the cheap grace I see in writing here. I was abig fornicator. It is only by the mercy of GOD that my children were not born outside of marriage. I was conceived in fornication and born 4 mos after my parents married. ALL of my grandchildren have been born outside of the blessing of marriage. I love them; I don’t condemn children for the acts of their parents. NOr have I condemned my children. Yet the gospel must permeate the life of the believer. Yea, even the life of gospel singers also.

  17. I just re-read the last paragraph from the article. L’Andria has made herself “the watchman” for babies who are at risk for abortion becasue she is carrying her baby to term. These are not the words of a broken women who acknowledges her wrong but smack of arrogance. She’s watching over unborn children and can’t watch over her own sexual life and reproduction. C’mon, now. Glad to know that all is well under her watch now. Listen folk; embarrassment, regret, shame are not repentance.

  18. All you super spiritual deep folks that never mess up shame on for passing judgement. She answers to God not you, you probably messed up 2secs ago did you repent. If you can say nothing nice and cant hold her up in prayer and cover the keep your mouth off of Gods Anointed because she is still anointed pregnant and all.

  19. For we are not perfect everytime I hear her sing I get Holy Ghost chills keep your eyes on the prize whick is Jesus

  20. It is good that she came out and said what she did although I would not agree with it being a mistake. We make choices to sin, that is the battle of the flesh vs the Spirit. We all sin, but thank God for his grace and mercy that covers all of our sin. The detriment is that although we are forgiven, our witness can be scarred from others and we can be viewed as hypocritical.

  21. Ain’t nobody here super spritual. Yet the lack of biblical knowledge on these posts is shocking. You can have compassion on people and hold them accountable for their behavior that is incongruent with a Chrsitian witness. If you have a problem with that balance; frankly I feel so sorry for you. That is exactly what Jesus did with the woman taken in adultery. Had compassion and held her accountable to the law (she still had to go before the priest, perform the ceremonial rite of purification, rtc. She didn’t get a free pass because she was forgiven (not killed).

  22. She owes “NO MAN” a repentance, but God so as long she goes to God she don’t any of you an explanation or apology. why are you people judging her who gave any of y’all the right to sit in judgment. Do you know how many “Christian/Saved” woman have abortions a year just to hid there sin so they look the part. Why should she walk around broken if she has gone to God which she doesn’t have to tell you if she did or not no one has a heaven or hell to put her in as long as she asked for forgiveness that all that matters. She need to keep moving on in the things of God. It kills me that so called Christians feel like when you mess up you owe them an explanation and an apology when God exposes you in the open. Funny though people have so much to say against people when they have been exposed, but God has yet to expose your hidden secrets and then how will you take being judged. “Judge not lest ye be judged”

  23. If Paul the Apostle, who walked along side of Jesus, cld not master the act of being sinless while in the flesh,; then why are we so hard on other Christians when we fall short of beng sinless while in flesh? “For what I am doing, I do not understand; for I am not practicing what I would like to do, but I am doing the very thing I hate”. Romans 7:15!!! Our job is to be our brother’s keeper not their prosecuter.

  24. Wow…I applaud her honesty and that she publically apologized…it takes strength and courage to do that before the “Christians” and others because “we” can be the most judgemental people on this earth. Not sure what protocal is when we make mistakes such as this within the Gospel arena, as many of them make their living singing before crowds. I am not sure it would be to her benefit to stop doing concerts and making appearances while she is pregnant. I say keep on keeping on and make your money with the gift God gave you. But, when I became pregnant I was young and single and in the church. I stopped singing in the choir and basically stayed out of sight of the church until I had my son. After he was born, we were both there every Sunday. Today, my son is 20 and doing very well. He knows the Lord and was and is active in the church. I am now directing a choir. I never married yet, I never had more children out of wedlock. God is still using me and my son for His glory. I say this say….As long as she has made her peace with God, it doesn’t matter what “we Christians” think. That is between LeAndria and GOD only! So, Sing on sister and congratulations!!!!

  25. Saint James: It wasn’t Le’Andria that stated she was a watchman it was Desi that stated “not under her watch”!!

  26. I commend Le’Andria for standing before others and revealing her sin. As a single woman in her 20s, I know all to well how difficult it can be to remain single and sexually pure until your season of marriage comes. It is difficult because your urges can be so strong that you feel like a helpless sinner; you want to stay in God but you feel your flesh is weak. What has and is continually helping me is the love I have for God. If you love God you will keep His commandments. I love God and I don’t want to disappoint Him. You must also have faith in what the blood of Jesus was sent to accomplish. It can deliver you and tame your flesh. At times when I have felt my urges the strongest, I called on the name of Jesus and plead His blood over my flesh. This is something that must be done daily, as Paul says in Romans (a great chapter to study when struggling with your flesh). I pray that Le’Andria will continue to serve God and that she will be strengthened in her inner [wo]man, and that her unborn child will grow to be mighty in God. It’s easy to judge, and I admit that was my initial reaction, but I had to think about where I have been in my journey of singleness and how God has strengthened me. Be blessed!

  27. I will keep her lifted in my daily prayers. I wonder if each person leaving comments is SAVED??? If not try getting saved and then walk the walk & not talk it!!! Be Bless

  28. Who is asking for a personal apology? Yet again the scripture written by Paul, an apostle called by GOD wrote: Rebuke those who sin openly; …What killing is that we call these singers, ministers of the gospel, call them anointed and etc. about their impact or ability to bring the presence of the LORD yet when they fail PUBLICLY we want to treat them like a new believer who didn’t know any better and pat them on the back and tell them to carry on. GOD has demanded that the church judge sin in the church. The portion of scripture you quoted in your last line of your post is speaking about unrighteous judgement; i.e. judging the motives of an individual and assigning them to damnation or hell.
    I have not been aperson who has lived a perfect life; I don’t have an unreasonable expectation of L’Andria. I expect the church to hold public figures to a standard that they’d hold any other “minister”. Paul wrote; that he buffetted his body (disciplined it; made it obey GOD) so that after all his preaching, apostolic work, missionary journeys, etc., that he’s be maked a castaway (unapproved). You who think they are doing the LORD a favor by quoting scripture out of context and lending to L’Andria a cheap grace do her and those that hear you a diservice. GOD can “USE” whomever or whatever He chooses. He “USED” Balaam’s ass; means little. YOu can sing people into the path Heaven and be lost yourself. The LORD put authority in the church for a reason. That authority comes through some MAN or WOMAN. You only heard the gospel through a nothe rhuman. So when we sin, we don’t wanna deal with nobody but Jesus. Finda that in the Bible and I’ll repenet of my wrong and agree. (PS don’t bother looking; it ain’t there)

  29. When I heard the news I was, yes, disappointed and felt so sorry for her but more concerned about the message being sent. See one great thought that comes to mind is this, since pregnancy shows, is that the reason she felt to share? I am in no way standing in judgment of her in particular but of whether we are to condone what God does not. See the sin is not the pregnancy but the sex outside of marriage. How many times did that take place before the conception? She is bound to a contract and whatever the contract says is what she is confronted with. Though she has a magnificently beautiful voice, she may not be ready for the responsibility that comes with this calling. When she shared on Sunday’s Best why she had not recorded as of yet because of drinking, she was very humbly apologetic, and so she is again. I love her heart and deep desire to sing for the Lord, but with that comes responsibility. We are not judging when we are looking at the truth for what it is. When anyone of us in the limelight err for the sake of the position we hold, we have to deal with the consequences. We may not like them but there are rules to be followed for a reason. We have to be careful not to pull the things of this world so close to the things of God so it mixes to the point we can’t see where the world ends and God begins.

  30. Yes, we definitely need to lift LeAndria up in prayer. She is under serious attack! I applaud LeAndria for being very transparent and confessing her sins. This is necessary in the body of Christ because so many people want to hide their sins and keep going on as if nothing happened or as if everything is ok. However, I do think she needs to sit down until she has the baby. She is a representative of Jesus Christ and people will get confused and think it is ok to have pre-marital sex, children out of wedlock, drinking, etc. She needs time to be healed, delivered, set free and restored. She needs someone to minister into her life. How can you effectively minister to someone else if you need ministering to yourself. She has been through a lot! She needs to put on the whole Armour of God so that she can stand against the wiles of the Devil! The devil is not playing with us so we can’t play around with him. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus said I am come that you might have life and that more abundantly! So let’s keep her lifted in prayer!

  31. We all have have sinned and fall short of Gods glory. NOT JUST LEANDRIA!!!! Instead of bashing her prayer for her. If it was not for condoms and abortion clinics alot of church folks would be in the same situation. By the way lets not act like she is the first gospel arist to mess up donnie, kirk, j moss, tonex to name a few. NO CROSS NO CROSS

  32. We all have have sinned and fall short of Gods glory. NOT JUST LEANDRIA!!!! Instead of bashing her prayer for her. If it was not for condoms and abortion clinics alot of church folks would be in the same situation. By the way lets not act like she is the first gospel arist to mess up donnie, kirk, j moss, tonex to name a few. NO CROSS NO CROWN

  33. Saint James you are biblically sound and correct. I dont feel you are being mean and unforgiving, you laying it on thick and they bloggers here cant take it!

  34. Saint James,you are right on Thanks for upholding the standards of righteousness. I will say this and then I’m done. This is addressed to all that feel there needs to be some accountability…. Why isnt it necessary for discipline and YES an explanation. Like it or not when we are ministers those we minister to need to know our lifestyles pure..this is our spiritual health we are talking about. It may sound nice and even be scriptural in words preached and sung but the spirit is very important. There is still transfer and impartations even when the word is literally spoken and even though there may be some manifestation of anointing. Just because there is taint doesn’t meant the person isnt anointed its just a tainted anointing though it may sounds to the natural ears like nothings changed- especially when the sin hasnt been progressing for a long time.
    Sadly this situation is just one of many perverse issues that are being accepted… How about open idolatry, adultery, spiritual molestation, rape abuses…… Lets get to the root of things. How is only the initial act sin without the results being sin as well b/c they only support the latter keeping the person connected to the sin and giving the person in this case LeAndria in the cycle of believing that the flesh is her identity. No one perpetuates a sin without believing they are their flesh!

  35. How did she make 3 mistakes? LeAndria was married twice… this is her first child born out of wedlock if I’m not mistaken………The gospel world NEEDS some transparency. Half of the male artists are sleeping around with men, female artists are sleeping around, getting abortions, drinking, clubbing etc but they are nuns when they hit the stage. Same with these so-called pastors out here. This is exactly why most churches aren’t growing, and people aren’t buying gospel music….because its FAKE and PHONEY. I grew up in the ol skool church, and while I miss the old music, big hats and fellowship, I do not miss the PUBLIC ridicule/rebuking, cult-like antics etc. THat stuff just set the church up for the failure that it’s experiencing today. Christians need to GET WITH THE TIMES. The enemy is coming in like a flood and yall are too worried about foolishness instead of bringing the lost souls to Christ! I know without a doubt that LeAndria is bringing these souls in, and I know that she will get herself together! PRAY PEOPLE GOSH!!!!

    Oh yea my mom was the pastor of an Apostolic church, so I went out and dead crazy stuff like any other P.K. would do, and I too became pregnant at the age of 20…unmarried and unemployed………….. BUT GOD, LOOK AT ME 5 YEARS LATER! 🙂

  36. Marcella, thank you for correcting me; I was wrong. I apologize for my comments based on my misreading of the article. I am glad to know she didn’t say that.

  37. All I want to say is…. I enjoy her music and she is truly anointed but I don’t feel ministers or anointed ones cannot be too transparent. We all have struggles and skeletons in the closet but when we reveal those struggles we get comments like the ones I have read thus far. We have to pray and ask GOD for deliverance and help. As we can see those that follow artist they enjoy can be cruel and cold. The truth is the truth though you all… no matter how we try and want to sugar coat it … its the truth… sin is sin no matter who commits it. She just have to know that as long as she has repented and the Lord FORGIVES HER…. who are we… if she has done her part we can voice our opinions but GOD is GOD and her forgives SIN not us

  38. Now in the King James Version Bible it says, “Now the body is not for fornication,but for the Lord; and the Lord for the body,” that’s found in 1 Corinthians 6:13 if you don’t believe me read it for yourself. Now I didn’t say it so therefore I’m not judging no one; it’s the word of God that doing the judgment! 1 Corinthians 6:18- 20 it says, ” Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body. What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ya have of God,and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s. I feel the Word Of God Coming On Me! 1 Thessalonians 4:3 ” For this is the will of God,even your sanctification, that ye should abstain from fornication! 2 Corinthians 5:17 says, ” Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new Creature: Old Things are Passed away; behold, all things are become New.” And the Word Of The Lord Is Truly Blessed! If you going to see gospel then live what you singing, if not Just go to R&B and have done with! Have a blessed night!

  39. Whatever she does is between her and God. You best believe, if God gets tired of her making a mockery of him, he’ll call her home (Whitney Houston), but until then, let’s mind our own business people. People who live in glass houses…

  40. leandria was still in sin when she auditioned for sundays best….I know GOD will deliver her. I am sure that her parents are praying without ceasing because the devil is BUSY in her life, but he is defeated. leandria, I am praying for you, your baby & your deliverance! Much love mama!

  41. Whatever she does is NOT just between her and her Jesus.
    And, who cares what other artists are doing. We rarely see single pregnant gospel artists running around performing. They have their babies–yes they do. But they have enough good sense to SAT DOWN and do that in private.
    We have now arrived at the point where drunk church folk condone error and publicized sin at every hand. Reproof and correction is still necessary and the bottom line is, she should use some wisdom and just take a break until she has her child, who is just like everyone of us: needs the redeeming blood of Jesus applied to our lives. See, the thing is, this here Bible that we SAY we love and guides us, lets us know that sin is sin and we should have victory over it. Period. We can’t shout away and make tears of a bunch of women who can “relate” to sin being manifest as our guide to simply allowing those who sin to take a reprieve, get themselves together and be restored. Let’s shout when we as women can keep our legs closed and stop fornicating and calling it Jesus because we cry and are “real”. Correction is “real” and part of what a loving God requires. We shouldn’t love Le’Andria any less. But we should love her enough to let her know that her fornication, tears and regret is not ministry. Jesus Christ and His gospel is ministry. All of our issues is not why we sing. We sing because we honor and worship GOD. Helpthechurch.com

  42. I’m sure that night was a tear jerker. My concern is for the young ladies under 18 who may look up to her. This your umm 4th child, sorry they have all sort of prevention methods. See you in about 9 months sweetheart. The church just accept anything.

  43. I am amazed at some of these comments. Yes God forgives, but there are consequences for your actions. And the Bible refers to Godly judgement all the time. This is the only church age that wants to do whatever they want and say that “God forgives.” You people are making a mockery of Him. Our God is still Holy, hates sin and loves His children. Le’Andria Johnson, while she is a phenomenal artist, needs help. While I admire her transparency, it is obvious from this pregnancy and her struggle with alchohol abuse AFTER winning Sunday Best that she needs to take some time off to allow God to fortify her. AND it’s not a good example for the world to see.

  44. I think it’s great that she was transparent about her pregnancy. A lot of people won’t do that. Now repentance must take place. I know that she has repented! Situations get hard, it is my prayer that she maintain her celibacy until she’s married or until Jesus returns. The Lord loves our obedience!! You are loved Le Andria!!

  45. I am so thankful that God deals with us the way He sees fit. His understanding is not our understanding nor His ways our ways. If we just stick to what the Word says and get a clear understanding of His Word according to His Spirit, then we wouldn’t be having this debate about what the scripture says. Let’s stop interpreting the scripture the way we want and see what God is saying. There should never be a time that “Christians/Saints” are debating about the only book/Bible we live by. The Bible should be our common foundation and belief.

  46. I just want to say by watching le”andria johnson my trust and faith in god has strengthen just by seeing her struggle and nowing her testimoy has allowed me to get more personal with god and to trust in his word no matter what she may have done at this appointed time she still has the power of the lord over her life and we as people cannot strip that away from her. i just contuine to keep her in my prayers as i contuine my own spritually journey with the lord.

  47. Praying for you Leandria. You have been a blessing to many and I’m sure ou will continue to be. Please acknowledge WORLD that Satan is not pleased with the powerful ministry this girl has, so just know that he will do whatever he can to do to kill her ministry. Let’s have a unified shot for Leandria, her baby and her ministry.

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