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Elements of Inspiration Can Be Found Everyday

New Book By Radio Host Provides Real Life Spiritual Inspiration

Elements of Inspiration is a 30-day devotional that is designed to help readers understand their life’s potential. In the book, I share from my own personal life, experiences about many of the things that I have learned in life that have helped me to grow and develop as a person. Many of these devotions are practical life lessons that can be applied to anyone regardless of faith, gender, or nationality. Other lessons are more God-centered that show how a person can achieve through faith in Christ.


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About Marcus C. Smith

Marcus Cleavon Smith holds a degree in Business Management from Berkeley College in New York City and a Theological Diploma from Urban Academy. He serves as an ordained minister at Cathedral of Holiness Missionary Baptist Church in New Jersey. He received a commendation from Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia for his inspirational influence over the city. He’s currently a radio personality for 103.9 Praise Philly in Philadelphia Pennsylvania where his inspirational message is broadcast throughout the tri-state area. Brother Marcus is also an entertainment news correspondent and TV host for Comcast 28 in Wilmington Delaware.

About GGIS:

GGIS Publishing is a faith-based publishing company that exists to assist non-profits, ministries, and independent authors in creating rich, relevant, and redemptive literature. Learn more about us at GGISPublishing.org

For more information on “Elements of Inspiration” or to schedule an interview with Marcus Smith, please email:staff@ggispublishing.org. To order copies of the book including information on bulk discounts, call 215-486-3412.

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