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Last month I hosted an Urban Soul Cafe event with Damita Haddon and although there have been rumors circulating over the past several months that her and Deitrick were divorced, it was not confirmed until now.

For over 15 years, The Haddon’s were inseparable, singing on one another’s projects and starring in movies together.  But the singer has announced just this week via Twitter that he and his wife are no longer together. In fact, he tweeted on his page on Aug. 13, that he and Damita have been separated or over a year now; which he states is old news for them but new news for the public. He also explained they are very private people so no one knew until now.

On his Twitter page, he seems to blame himself for the breakdown of his marriage, if not both of them:

“If I was that powerful of a man of God, I would still be married to Damita. I’m learning to have balance. You can win and lose at the same time.”

He also added:

“It is possible to work so hard and be so driven that you lose everything!! I pray that in future I find the balance of ministry and family.”

“I don’t believe in sharing my personal but I think it’s important for people to know that in your pursuit of ministry don’t lose family.”

We are praying for both Deitrick and Damita, as they both continue to do God’s work. What are your thoughts on their divorce?

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  1. This is crazy! yet another “Christian” couple divorces! What is really going on here. If the Saved folk can’t keep it together with “Christ” Marriage in the so called “church” is DOA!!!!


  3. Lets be real about it. I feel how can we tell someone to love God and live by the bible when we can’t stay married. I am a true believer its about commitment. How committed to the relationship are we as Christians. I have been married for over 31 years 2014 will be 32 years to the same man. We have our ups and downs but we go to God in prayer and deal realistically with our issues. Then we solve them and continue on with love in our marriage. I just don’t understand how people say they love God but can’t stay married. Its about Commitment. Sometimes we do the same thing to God we divorce him instead of committing our life to him for the long haul.

  4. I am firm believer that Christian marriages should work, if both parties are committed to making it work, and especially if both husband and wife are ministers of the gospel. But if one party is lured away by the lust of the flesh by the “jezebels” or the “cassanovas” of the world; then the other mate is left fighting by themselves. It is almost impossible, if “adultery” is involved, to repair the marriage, but, again, if both parties are willing to commit and really work at it by praying and even seeking counseling, from good, strong, Bible-Believing counselors who can set the example, the mariage can be restored. But if there is no commitment to God and what His Word says regarding marriage, there will be no commitment to the marriage. I am also facing this terrible, painful situation; I want it, but he doesn’t; please pray my strength will not fail. I have come to the conclusion that I have to move forward in God, I have no other choice because he has already let go. But I believe, “all things are working together for my good, because I love God and I know I am called according to His Purpose.” God Bless Everyone reading this.

    Be Blessed and “LIVE”!

  5. I don’t like what I am hearing. I have crying and sharing, praying for damita and deitrick in my closure. I have always love their singing ministry, doing God thing together in love and unity. And I still want u both to be together. Pastor dee, I believe u can still make it work. Plssssssss. Pray to God about it and he will show u the how. But meanwhile keep doing what u are doing for the Lord. It’s gonna be alright.

  6. I’m very disappointed, big time. we as Christians are supposed to be the light, examples which the world can follow, even with our differences in marriage, there is as it has always been redemption, grace, forebearance with God. There sould’nt be things too hard to work through with God on our side.

  7. God is able to make bitter water sweet. There is nothing the Lord cannot do! Impossible is nothing with God…. I say this because I know that this is a trail of their faith in God’s word. “God is able!” The devil fights everyday to corrupt that which God has made, and If they are willing to go to God on this; He will help them. I pray for them today that the Lord will restore all that the devil has tried to steal from them in Jesus Name.


  9. I love Deitrick and Damita Haddon I feel so sad to hear they have divorced . I really wished that there marriage should have worked out for the best. But it is never too late to try and work things out and do it all over again, I Wish that the two would get remarried and this time make it last forever. As it is said what god put together let no man put asunder. I feel if a man works hard to keep god first in his life he should do the same for his wife and future kids to come. lol

  10. Awe I’m sorry for them. I hope they feel free now to go on with their lives. As Christians we hope for the best for everything but sometimes u have to pray about it and move on. I’m from Dali and just learner about Deitrick and his music. I love love love that well done song. Have peace Barron’s and keep striving to get in. Thanks….

  11. Well, as Jesus would say,” He that is without sin, let him cast the first stone.” I know that this is astonishing for some, but as believers we should not be quick to judge but quick to pray. Yes, they are suppose to be examples as some say, but who knows if it was the will of God for them to be married in the first place? Who knows if the Lord will restore their marriage? What I do know is what the enemy has meant for evil, God can turn it around anbring good out of it. Through the good and bad God is always at work. Perhaps Gods best is another spouse for each of them… who knows. Do I believe in the divorce? Of course not. But I do believe in grace, mercy and compassion. The word of God says judge nothing before its time. Lets learn from the mistakes of others, pray and ask God to turn their mess into a miracle, and abandon judging a brother or sister for whom Christ died. They are being crucified by the world, and woe is us if we engage in such a position. Prayer, mercy and compassion is what they need.

  12. I am so sorry that this marriage failed. Damita I love your new alblum. As for Deitrick the song you rewrote of Usher’s climax is just awefull. Why would you rewrite Usher’s song when God has given you your own songs to write and sing. I don’t get it. I just hope you aren’t getting caught up in the madness

  13. This is so wrong, i don’t know what to feel right now, i sort of noticed deitrick slipping away, he did great great songs but with each album it became more entertainment than spirit filled, this a major challenge most gospel artists face these days. I really hope you both can work it out, don’t give up on yourselves just because somethings happened, the truth is that you will definitely not be the first people to experience things like that, and people have passed through it and come out, please join the list of overcomers, deitrick i hope you make it right with God and Damita.

  14. The church world need to get it tighter. God didn’t call us to be superstars. We are lead astray by our own desires.
    Even the church want fame and fortune!
    The call is for souls and we as a people are drawn away by our own lust!

  15. I am so tired of people saying that were judging. Even the saints of God is saying it. When someone tells you what the word says were not judging. And yes we love you. If we didn’t we wouldn’t tell you the truth. No saints of God should not be divorcing, the bible says for fornication but he rather for us to work it out. Go back people of God and read the scripture. And if you do you can’t get married, unless he or she is die. And if you know God does miracles he can put your marriage back together IF you want him too. Theres nonthing thats impossible that he can not do. And again aint nobody judging, its just the church is letting the world get back in us, and in the church. We can do what we want, but God still is a Holy God. Yes he is going to continue to bless you, but you still have to get some things right. Were are setting a bad example as christians because out flesh. I find it real hard for mens of God getting a divorce. How can you tell people that God is a deliver and your marriage aint beening deliver. Yes were human, Yes we make mistakes, but were is the trust in God. Come on people of God, stop making excuses. Our Excuses been nail to the Cross. I wich detick you the best and damita, God knows i do. But come on 15 years down the drain. Come on. I Can’t see it. The world yes. True Christians No.

  16. but why man…. u and damita inspired many thrugh yo ministry…. just mek things right with her as soon….

  17. Am so down and depressed!You two are God’s representatives on earth therefore,people are looking up to you.Bury your differences in prayers.I’ll pray for you.

  18. Saved or not marriage is hard business!! While we may all like to believe that being ministers/celebrities or whatever we may call them somehow makes people different and their lives are somehow better than the rest of us, the truth is that their lives aren’t. Sure, in a perfect world there would be no divorces. But the truth is, we don’t live in a perfect world and even as believers sometimes we grow weary of trying to make things right and trying to fix things.I know from experience how painful a marriage can be when one spouse, especially if it’s the head, doesn’t nurture the relationship. There is really only so much hurt most people are “willing” to endure.

    Naturally, I am shocked by this post because I knew nothing of this. Likewise, I am saddened; not because it is a Christian couple divorced but because it is a couple PERIOD that divorced. I don’t know what they’re issues were but I pray that with time and space that all wounds are healed and perhaps their relationship can be reconciled and their marriage restored.

  19. I’m not judging, but the word of God says “to those much is given, much is required.” I feel when you’re wearing the title Pastor, Minister, or even Minister of Music, you have a responsibility to the sheep to walk the walk that you talk. Especially, if you’re in the lime light. How can you tell me how to handle difficulties in marriage, if you are not handling it. How can you tell the sheep that God hates divorce, when you are not only divorcing, but having a baby out of wedlock. It’s not that God doesn’t forgive, but there is a time to stand before men, and there is a time to sit down. I think Deitrick should sit down and let God re-establish and restore him. It’s not to say that he will not be used by God and continue to do a mighty work, but God just wants to make sure that you don’t make that mistake again. It’s up to God on how he will deal with this situation and no man knows.. All we can do is pray for mercy and grace.

  20. Ok lets not judge so hard they are very still humans read the bible so many people fail in the bible even Jesus disciples when you are in church people judge you so wrong they don’t relize just because they in the public eyes that don’t mean they can’t fall just like everybody else do we are so quick to jugde people but if god put that same test on you how well would you do don’t quick to say oh i know i will past that test because we never know to it happen to us so i’m praying for them that they will learn from this we got to pray for them not knock them down i do belive the bible say are we our brother keeper so if god forgives them why can’t we forgive them i’m praying for you Deitrick and Damita that god stenghten you both as you continue to do his work as long as the both of yall repent don’t worry about people because people don’t forgive but god do god has already forgiven yall when yall whisper forgive me god it’s already mark in his book love the both of you keep going on you forgiven here alittle saying my pastor always say i’m glad god save me and not man cause god forgives and man don’t so everybody be bless and lets not judge it could easy be us GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!

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