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January 22, 2013

Yesterday afternoon while the Gospel community had just finished celebrating their own during Stellar Awards weekend and our country was celebrating the 2nd term of our President, Gospel star, actor and movie director, Deitrick Haddon released shocking news. Haddon’s latest announcement regarding his divorce and new relationship and child has been making Gospel Music headlines but it does not end there.

After heavy deliberation and prayer, ROOT has chosen to disable the link: “Coming clean in 2013 so God can really be truly glorified.” 

We ask that you please pray for restoration of all parties involved.


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  1. I appreciate the work you all do here! At the same time, as a child of God and a young adult, I HATE seeing private matters made public, ESPECIALLY with people of platform. Im sorrowful at how distasteful this is and the fact that it’ll be circulated as “news” instead of appropriately prayed, counseled, and resolved. This just isn’t Kingdom citizenship by any stretch. I understand him. I can relate. But this was damaging. And even MORE ammunition for the unbeliever to say “we’re all the same.” I know this site is aa media entity and I understand why you’re circulating this story………..i just wish you wouldn’t. *sigh*

  2. Well if its any consolation I totally understand why the man wanted to commit suicide twice he must have been as low as low could get i don’t think anyone understands how low this guy got.
    When you are all about God and living right being an ambassador of the kingdom of righteousness peace and joy and wanting the same for the one you have committed your life to being with till death do you part then she leaves and more so tries to mess what you stand for by messing your name. you are tested to the last.

    Deitrick you are still the carrier of the anointing as far as God is concerned she left with nothing but what she used to have and it don’t last.
    I know God and how he is all about authority and order. You invested in her we all saw it you gave your entire self to make both of y’all a city on a hill: a light for all to see and love the same God you preach about but she chose to leave.
    She chose to walk away from a Godly purpose a Godly heritage and give herself over to another it was her choice and not failure on your part. she made the choice to drink from another well and not yours. and God is still about you and His investment in you.
    Don’t you think at any one point God is mocked.

  3. lol smh the only reason someone would offer consolation in committing suicide is because they are just as sick, weak minded and deceived as the one trying to commit it. Deitricks mistress did NOT have to be the woman he turned to to console him or pray for him or anything else. He had a wife, helpmeet, mother, sisters and tons of church folk. That is simply another excuse for him having a mistress. If he was soooo distraught and considering suicide why didnt he call one of his brothers, his dad, pastor Jakes or another mentor??? Damita did not run away, drink from another well or any of the foolishness you speak of. They were NOT the perfect couple as none of us are, there was not enough trust in GOD for restoration, Deitrick chose to move on and got busted with a kid. Call it what it is. The stellar awards and new album for Isaac just happened to be the perfect timing to sow discord. I’ve gotta give it to Damita….she is truly a warrior cuz it takes a special strength to know when to fight and when to stand…..AND SHUT UP. SHE AINT SCARED….SHE’S JUST HOLDING HER PEACE AND LETTING THE LORD FIGHT HER BATTLES lol…..lets try to mind our business and do the same.

  4. I have been a christian for a few years now and have grown to realize that a person’s relationship with God, their Spouse or whomever is a PERSONAL matter. I don’t want to read about it in a memoir, article, book, see it in a commercial, movie, or DVD! If it’s an autobiography or a bioprophy and it’s being told to ultimately bring Glory and Honor to God, then in that setting it’s OK, but to just sit down and just tell your personal business, it’s unacceptable. As a Christian, I don’t care to know and any real child of God dosn’t want to know either. We need to stop reading people and start reading the Bible. Our Focus should be on the Jesus in people and not in anything else. And if you should fall, It’s important to get back up and continue your walk with God, but perhaps sitting down and getting a handle on things is a better solution rather than getting back up and continuing in ministry. Afterall, what better way to hear the Voice of God, than being quiet. I’m just Saying!

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